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So I was trying to find some Noir music and instead I found a channel on youtube called Timeless Classic Movies. It has everything from B-Movies, to westerns, to romances, and especially old Noir flicks. So anyone interested in that sort of thing should check it out. Granted, not every movie is a real classic, but most of them there are good and it's a great way to find more movies for free!

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If you're looking for the classic downbeat jazz that most people think of when they envision film noir, go to Pandora.com and create a station around the band Bohren & der Club of Gore. You won't be disappointed.
I will try that. Thanks, Tome. But my only problem with pandora is that it tends to loop around ~30 songs. That's why I like going to youtube to find ones from movies and go from there. And I heard of Dieselpunk radio webstations, but I don't know if they have a Noir setlist.

Erwin, thanks for both the link to the You Tube channel and the idea of finding noir music. That channel looks like it could be a lot of fun. And I never thought of finding Noir music online. Thanks for the info on what station to choose on Pandora, Tome. I had never heard of that band and really like what I hear.

The "dieselpunk" radio stations I've run across are mostly steampunk with some big band classics thrown in.

With Bohren & der Club of Gore, the tempo is so slow, the songs stretch on for quite a while.  There are also no lyrics.  So, even if you do start to hear a loop, you probably won't notice it nearly as much.  If you're searching for one specific album, "Sunset Mission" is my favorite.

We need better dieselpunk radio stations...


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