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Has anyone been keeping on top of the production for The Gangster Squad?

It's wrapping up post-production and should be out in October.

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Looks pretty cool. I'm not certain, but I reckon I recall some images from a upcoming film with a similar period setting, with Leonardo DiCaprio - same film?

Are you thinking about the J Edgar bio that was in the theater for a week?

Might be, not sure.

They pulled the trailer from the 'net because it showed people getting shot in a theater.

However, their website works and it looks great.


People are far too sensitive these days. Bunch of pansies, if you ask me.

Tome Wilson said:

They pulled the trailer from the 'net because it showed people getting shot in a theater.

If I remember correctly the release date was pushed back to January. Which makes me really sad cuz I'm super excited about this flick

I assume everyone has seen this by now. Any thoughts?

Johnny seemed to like it, but only for the costumes and setting.  I've been avoiding it, because it got universally panned for being a watered-down Hollywood mess of wasted talent.

It's not too bad, but you obviously shouldn't watch it for plot or characters so much as setting, visuals, and action. Worth checking out I'd suppose, but certainly not an amazing piece of motion picture.

 I saw it fianlly. I think if you turn down the sound and put on Cab Calloway or Frank Sinatra it would be cool. Good looking sets and so on, but weak on plot and clumsy dialogue and scene construction. Some cool action, though.


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