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Besides our very own Dieselpunks Shop, where else do you shop online for dieselpunk and steampunk clothes?

My favorites are:

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Good choices.

No suggestions, really?  Everyone here makes their own clothes?

Come on, there has to be some place you like to shop.

For example: http://www.vintage-now-clothing.com/

Men Only

ContempoSuits.Com (Good source for Fedoras among other clothing) http://www.contemposuits.com

Men’s USA (A good selection for Fedoras and suits) http://www.mensusa.com/

Zootsuit Store http://www.zootsuitstore.com/

Penman’s Hats http://www.penmanhats.com/

Women’s Only

Unique  Vintage http://www.unique-vintage.com/

PinUp Girl Clothing http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/

Men and Women

The Hat People http://www.thehatpeople.com/

Thanks Larry!  Do you have first-hand experience with these shops?

My wife was impressed by the women's sites but we haven't bought by either. We have bought from the others and have been well pleased.

Lip Service had a whole line of clothing recently called Das Bunker which looked like a fetish version of 20s and 30s German military wear. Perfectly Dieselpunk, if you like a more industrial look. They also had a line called Gangsta Pranksta which you could see punkified characters out of Hammett or Chandler wearing.

Cryoflesh is a cyberGoth shop that often carries steampunk/dieselpunk clothes due to the cross-fertilization of styles.

Slash 'n' Burn has the same kind of clothes but at much better prices.

I've bought from all three. They're all good. The best deals are at Slash 'n' Burn.

I have some pieces from Lip Service.  They're pricey, but it's not like you can get that type of gear at Target or Walmart.

Never heard about Slash'n'Burn before.  I'll have to check it out.  Thanks for the tip! 

I've bought from PinUp girl many times, fantastic quality and made in the USA to boot!

As far as women's shops go I also buy from Stop Staring, which has the best selection of authentic looking 1940s styles, some really beautiful military inspired dresses there. Bettie Page Clothing and Bernie Dexter Clothing has more great dresses and separates that could easily be worked into different dieselpunk looks. 

A really great resource for guys and gals is My Baby Jo which has a good selection of not just clothes, but hard to find accessories, guys hats and hat care products, pomades, and Rosie the Riveter hair wraps. Fur Hat World has a good selection of leather aviator hats and such. 

These sites can be a little pricey, my favorite place for a good deal is good ol' H&M, which often has very unique styles that could easily be diesel at very reasonable prices and fantastic quality for the money. I've seen bomber jackets, doctor's bags, great looking footwear and accessories there recently.

I've ordered a Dream Girl 1932 from Able Grable Yes, it's pricy, but I'm plus-size and have an event to go to, so getting something that looks right and is guaranteed to fit is worth it, as far as I'm concerned. I just hope I get plenty of wear out of it! I've also got a vintage bag with deco details from Penny Dreadful Vintage to go with it. She's got a really nice collection of bags for sale right now.

My husband loves his fedora from Laird London. He never used to wear hats and thought I was a nutter when I gave it to him for his birthday, but now he loves it.

And for women's day shoes, Hotter usually do one or two styles that can pass for 20s/30s. Quickstep and Valetta are their two for this season; I'm a big fan of their shoes as they're comfy but do look era-appropriate.

if you are based in Europe and the UK, I can of course recommend - Pin Up Parade an online shop for women's reproduction vintage clothing(some men's stuff also availaible), accessories and women's vintage styling books

they sell Betty Page Clothing and Mode Merr - plus their own unique clothing label.

an excellent shop, but I would say that(as it is run by my other half!)... so all very trustworthy!

Clothing that fit our interest and lifestyle, especially those for Dieselpunk women, are hard to find.

Thanks for posting this!


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