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Hi all,

Anarchy Skies, an alternate history multiplayer flight combat game is a game I’ve been working on as some may remember, and wanted to get the word out again as pace of development is really picking up!

The year 1958, after a combination of natural disasters and nuclear holocaust, survivors adopt to the new landscape with elevated cities, and aviation as the only form of transportation. Humans separated into factions, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and agenda.

Key features include FPS style levels with plenty of obstacles and interesting landscapes, ramming with melee weapons, and plane construction using individual components among others.

The initial target platform is PC web browsers. I’m open to any type of feedback or suggestions and look forward to make any improvements as requested. Feel free to post your thoughts here, or in the game’s social media pages and forum linked at www.anarchyskies.com. Thanks for your time!

In-game shot

Game selection screen


Profile creation

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Taking any inspiration from Crimson Skies, perhaps? Regardless, I'm intrigued! Any chance of a Steam release (is it up on Greenlight)?

Regarding the features, I was brainstorming a long time ago. I did stumble upon Crimson Skies as I didn’t have the privilege to play it in its heyday.

As far as the art style, it’s more complicated. This came out of long discussions and concept art drawings from 3 different artists for a long period of time. I was trying to find something in common and settle on one art style. After researching, it didn’t take me long to find Dieselpunks. So from that point on, all new art is following more specific requirements.

Yes a Steam release is definitely on the plans once we improve the quality of the playable. Thanks for expressing your interest and support!

I really do hope this game gets done. But a bit of advice before releasing: have it beta tested. By, like, anyone. I've seen a lot of these kinds of games get bad reps because they end up being broken, despite their amazing concept and gameplay. I wanna see you guys do good! Haha remember to let us know when it's released. I sure do hope its soon!

Thanks for your advice and support. One of the goals right now is to gather a list of people who are interested, so when we're ready with the game to send out an invite for beta testing. Since this is multiplayer-only for now, I was thinking of scheduling a couple of weekend beta test events so that enough people would be on.

this is pretty interesting, the concept is great, hope it gets done so i could have a go.


Here's some work in progress with heads up display elements..

I've been working on improving some elements in the level, the contrast, and the overall atmosphere. Hope this is an improvement.

I'll keep posting progress here but feel free to follow us to get more frequent updates :)

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Hey hey! Coincidentally, I'm the creator and lead admin of the Crimson Skies Facebook fan page (way back when, I was surprised to find there wasn't already a fan page for it, so I created my own). Just noticed the Anarchy Skies fan page liked the Crimson Skies fan page - thanks for that! Naturally, I've liked it back in return, and have scheduled a post tomorrow promoting Anarchy Skies, which shall hopefully net you some new and enthused followers.

Hey Blake, thank you very much for your support! Can't express how much I appreciate it.

Made a quick video showing how a plane is built in the Hangar. Still have to polish up some things.


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