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I've been a lurker on Dieselpunks for a few years now but have yet to post anything.

I'm looking for folks interested in pulp Lovecraftian gaming including Cthulhu Live! (Lovecraftian LARP) in the Boston/New England area.

I've also been trying to develop some rules for a casual social deduction game that can be played at the sundry of 1920s events without being particularly disruptive to the event itself. I'd love to get a dozen folks together for a 20s lawn party to play this social ice-breaker in the background. It involves...yes, you guessed it...Cultists. And academics and Investigators.

I'm also one of the High Nabobs in a small Boston based "secret" organization that meets to learn and test out actual pulp-y skills. Sort of scouting for adults.

Please feel free to contact me if any of these interest you.


JPJ "Snag" Keith
Secretary, Arkham Community College ~ Expeditionary Society

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