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I just stumbled across a project called Rocket Ranger Reloaded on Kickstarter.
It is a recreation/re-vamping of the old Amiga game, only with better graphics and music.

Personally I'm terrible at games like this, but I just couldn't resist this. There are rocket packs, nazi zeppelins, explosions! :)

Go check out the video on the kickstarter page.

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THAT looks like a BLAST!

I fully expect to crash and explode a lot, but hey. *grins*

It's a shame Dark Void beat them to the punch years ago.

Ooh, that looks nifty as well. :)
Just a shame that it doesn't run on PCs. :/

I am so tempted to give a bunch of money to this game, just to be able to help out with its design. The higher up you go in donation, the more involved they make you in its development. And, if they go over their basic funding, the greater the game will be with more levels. If they reach $500,000 then they will make it an actual full fledged game! Sadly, that feels a little unlikely, but let's hope this game ends up getting made. Maybe this could be the new bioshock for all the gamers here on dieselpunks to talk about haha

Personally, though not a gamer, I would also like to see them reboot IT CAME FROM THE DESERT. (Tempted to donate just to get that T-Shirt. LOL) LOVE them Atompunk Radioactive Bug Eyed Monsters!!! 

I just found out that Dark Void is actually on steam, but the security key needed to play has been broken or faulty for most people. So even though it IS on PC, I wouldn't recommend risking a waste of $10 for something stupid like a bum key.

It happens that I had played Dark Void back then and although it featured a jet pack, I can cite a major difference based on the little footage available for Rocket Ranger. Mainly Dark Void was slower paced and you could fly around freely in all directions as you please. You could also land and fight on foot.

Rocket Ranger seems to be more like a classic arcade style game where it constantly scrolls forward and need to shoot at what comes at you. So it may not appeal to the FPS crowd. I like the art style.

They have released a pre-alpha demo of the flight/fight, which is as Nick Zefiris mentioned, a forward-scroller with various targets such as planes, zeppelin- and plane-mounted cannons and tanks to shoot down.

To my amazement I survived through the entire demo. ;)

You can get the demo here (rar file)


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