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I love Crosley Radios, I currently have 1 and will add more.  I think the look they have fit perfectly in the Diesel Universe.  Also these can be found for a fantastic price.


I currently have the Audiophile Shelf System here.  I found mine for around $100.


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My dad has one in his shop.  It's quite the piece.

The Crosley products are great for office use, especially the one Matthew is talking about. They seem to appeal to a nostalgia market more than a retrofuturist sensibility, but still very cool looking.

They have a deco to mid century period appearance with some modern components that are styled to fit the look. I wish the audio fidelity were given as much attention as the style and functional versatility though. Then however, the machines would weigh more and that combined with production costs would make them not nearly as affordable.

I tend to play my music at home either on contemporary equipment or on an old Sentinal Hi Fi cabinet (early 1950s mono 78rpm/33&1/3rpm record player-radio receiver console -with mahogoney finish!- that I found in an alley). I switched out the tubes for new ones, and patched an RCA splitter jack into the line for the turntable, so I can run whatever I want into it (phone, multidisc player, notebook). It sounds great, especially as a studio amp for my Farfisa Compact Combo (if I am not using a Fender Showman as I do for shows). The Sentinal Hi-Fi set does give off a good bit of heat though, even with the serviced electronics. The turntable in the cabinet is functional, but I only use it for 78s as it would surely EAT any microgroove record. The tonearm is massively heavy, and has a bakelite enclosure to hide the needle and wiring.


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