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I have added four songs to the My Music playlist on my page. They do not have band arrangements, and are mainly piano and reference vocals with a few other embellishments to indicate mood and tone. I am in the process of putting together a band to flesh them out and prepare to perform live. They are mostly intended to evoke early to mid 20th century motifs, except for the song "Secret Room," which is more steam-punk oriented, although obliquely.

A good friend of mine Chris Green (formerly of Dementia Precox, Boat, Dark County, and The Frisky Frolics) who I'd hoped to involve in the live as well as recording phases of this project, died earlier this year after a sudden fight with cancer. He had recorded some upright bass parts for a few pieces. This was a setback both musically and personally- I had played music with this cat for over 25 years off and on.  (which is partly why I kept delaying posting any of these tunes.) I actually have recorded 16 songs- all in a similar state of incompleteness. I have numerous ideas about arrangements, most of which involve blends of horns, reeds, analog synth sounds, and guitar.

Anyway, I'd love to get some feedback on any aspect of these songs as music and lyrics, as part of Dieselpunk culture, or in any way that seems to need comment. Feel free to discuss them here &/or in messages to me. I hope you enjoy my off kilter perceptual matrix!

Also again: THANKS TOME! for everything you are doing and thanks to everyone who could support this excellent forum financially.

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So far, I've gotten no replies about my songs. I hope people don't think I'm afraid of criticism. PLEASE feel free to give any kind of critique or encouragement you think is appropriate, whether it relates to composition, performance, or any element of these songs. (I should point out that there will almost certainly be other vocalists involved.) I would really appreciate some word from people I consider to be part of an online community in which I feel at home. FIRE AWAY DIESELPUNKS!


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