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If you were at a nightclub that played dieselpunk and electroswing music, what song would get you up and dancing as soon as you heard it?

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Caravan Palace, Dragons pretty much always gets me.  But I would guess you want more than the obvious answer.


Pretty much any good mix of ol' Django Rineheardt's "Minor Swing" works.  John Beltran's mix from a few years back was pretty good, but there are numerous out there.


Kormac's "Scratch Marchin'" is always a favorite.  Something about Kermit in the intro makes me dance.


Hope it helps!  I have a bit more, but I had until very recently thought electro-swing was a random occasional derivation, I had no idea until just a few months ago how big it is on the other side of the pond!


Great suggestions so far.

If you have more, I'm all ears.

Right now a few of my hotwax favorites are Shake Ya Boogie by Mocean Worker, Soulsalicious by Tape Five and Touch my Horn by Jesse Rose...yass yass siree!
I agree with Jeremiah on Caravan Palace. "Dragons" is really good. I would add "Suzy." I'm a big fan on Tape Five "Pantaloons."
Caravan Palace of course, many songs from White Mink: Black Cotton 2, Lyre le Temps or Parov Stelar  

@ Hayen Mill: I was thinking the exact same thing!


But anything upbeat by Wolfgang Parker would do as well.. 

Absolutely Wolfgang Parker. I agree completely Wels.

I actually feel a bit silly for not mentioning Wolfgang, being native to his home town..


Parov Stelar's  "Chambermaid Swing" is some pretty good stuff


What other bands would you guys consider distinctly "dieselpunk?"

In many ways what you what have already used in the Jukebox

Cherry Poppn' Daddies

Indigo Swing

Diablo Swing Orchastra

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Royal Crown Revue

End Time Spasm Band

Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers


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