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Hello dieselpunks... once again Radio MetronomiK the dieselpunk podcast in spanish is back with great music like Duke Ellingtong, Frank Sinatra, Caravan Palace, Black Cat Zoot and more.

We talk in this show about decodence, and all the esentials from dieselpunk, also invite the listeners to participate on theInternational Dieselpunk Day

You can listen just here

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Whoohoo! Love your podcast!

Great show as always, guys.  I love that rainy intro.  It really sets the tone.

Thanks Larry I love your podcast too :)

Larry said:

Whoohoo! Love your podcast!

Oh thanks a lot Tome, I know maybe you can´t understand what we say, but we mention dieselpunks.org and of course you and Larry as a great promoter from dieselpunk culture. :)

Thank you for listen and the comments.

Tome Wilson said:

Great show as always, guys.  I love that rainy intro.  It really sets the tone.

I heard it.  I may not comprehend everything, but I can get the general idea of what you guys are talking about.  Great work and great production.  Love the choice of music this time too.  Do you have any personal favorites from all of the songs you've played on MetronomiK so far?

I agree about the choice of music. Is there a link your site where you post your play list? If not, I would love to see that.

@Larry we ´re working on that play list to put toghether all the songs   we need just some time, but hope the list will be ready very soon 

@Tome I think that is a very hard question to answer, I love many of the clasics but personally in every show I have at least two or three favorites


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