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I was looking for some background tracks for a Noir rpg scenario that I'm working on and then I stumbled across Somewhere off Jazz Street, which is a large collection of perfectly appropriate tracks.

The albums are free to download at somewhereoffjazzstreet.com, but do consider sending them a donation as thanks.

You can also find them at Bandcamp.com.

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Great find, Stuart!  Might I also recommend the album "Sunset Mission" by Bohren & Der Club of Gore.

It's an all instrumental album with a very dark, noir feel to it.  Perfect for background music.

Ooooh. Very nice indeed.
And they are also on bandcamp - excellent stuff. Thank you for the pointer. :)

The later albums are a little more hit-or-miss, but Sunset Mission nails it.  That's where I feel everyone should start.

Sunset Mission certainly nails it, especially with Rainy Mood running in the background as well. So, now I just need to finish the scenario. *grins*

What system are you using?

I've had really good results with "A Dirty World."

Last time I used D&D 3.5, which was fun in a strange kind of way. But I might use either World of Darkness or possibly Savage Worlds.

I've never heard of A Dirty World, but I'll have a look at it. :)

World of Darkness 2.0 or 2.1 (God Machine Chronicle update) works well.  The characters are simple enough, and violence is handled very quickly and devastatingly.  For noir, I would recommend the 2.1 rules, as there's a new system for "Beaten Down," which means a fighter needs to spend Willpower to take that last step from "I just kicked the fight out of him" to "this guy needs to be dead."  If both sides agree that the fight is over, you both receive a "beat" for the scene (which is like extra XP if you haven't played with it yet).

A Dirty World is a little more rare, but it's completely self-contained in one book.  The whole game was written with noir in mind, meaning all of the tropes, mechanics, and archetypes are styled to promote a "noir film" experience.  I can send you a write-up if you're interested.  It's pretty simple to teach, the character sheets are easy, and it's an excellent system for a one-shot story.

I'd love a write-up. Thank you. :)

Were you able to take a look at the write-up?

I did get the write-up, thank you. :)
Sadly I won't have time to read through it until the weekend. :/

No worries. When I didn't hear from you, I thought it may have bounced into your spam box.

This is fantastic stuff. Thanks for posting it, Stuart.


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