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To create a level playing field for all players, no player generated characters will have access to items, roles, or abilities that would otherwise give them an unfair advantage over another player's character. This means no hyper-advanced technology, no supernatural powers, and no exorbitant resources will be available to starting characters without prior approval from the staff. It wouldn't be fair for the player of a "hard-on-his-luck gumshoe" to try and tell a cohesive story when the next player is running around the city streets inside Big O.


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Comment by Michael Corey Van Atta on September 2, 2013 at 9:27pm

Name :Marco Cobalt

Age: 30

Appearance: A haggard and worn in soul standing just shy of 5 foot 6. he has an almost permanent five o'clock shadow and never leaves home without his black driving cap and brown leather jacket. He usually wears a white button down shirt and gray suspenders with well traveled carpenters pants. On very rare occasions he will shave and don a black three piece suit with red pin stripes.

Role in Titan: Marco does every construction job available to him to keep him funded and occasionally will take the odd job/contract offered by anyone with the right amount of money and the least amount of questions.

Background: Marco was born and raised in the bowels of the South where hunting, brewing, and manual labor were a everyday part of life. His family was all but dead by his twentieth birth day and by his twenty-first the last member had died. with nothing keeping him at home he enlisted in the military and was quickly put on the front line for assaulting a higher ranked officer. After ten years he had seen much of the world, learned many languages, and fought in a war that almost claimed him. After surviving a mortar blast, he was sent back to the states and rather return home to the south, decided that he would make a new life in Titan.

Comment by Richard Hannay on September 9, 2012 at 11:37am

Name: Carl Hutchison.
Age: 22
Appearance: A bight eyed young man just on 6 foot, or as he likes to call it- "five foot, twelve inches" He has thick medium brown hair that he likes to try different hairstyles on, usually to the side, or swept back.
he normally wears a grey pinstrip suite, or old work clothes of a similar colour. He likes his hats, and has a  small collection of fedoras and caps.When the weather gets cold, out comes the old Army overcoat of a grey green colour and black gloves.

Role in Titan: Carl came to Titan from Manitoba Canada where he used to drive taxis and smuggle moonshine across the border, but after the RCMP came after him for horse stealing he migrated onto a ship bound for Titan. Now he pursues his passion for moonshine making and has even taken up collecting old fire arms to sell to anyone looking for an iron.

background information:  born to a North Carolina family who had emigrated after the Civil War, Carl had grown up just outside the City of Winnipeg farming with his family. His father had fought in the Great War and had lost his foot in the Third Battle of Ypres, although Carl was too young at the time to fight his father treated him as a failure for not. He took up smuggling home made moonshine to the States and drove a taxi as a cover untill he wound up being chased about the country for "stealing" three horses. Boarding a ship he found himself up to his old tricks in Titan.

Comment by Ally-Wauldin Winter on February 7, 2012 at 10:10pm

Name: Amelia "Mellie" Baker

Age: 21

Appearance: Mellie, standing at 5'5, is rather frail-looking, but not to be underestimated on that basis. She is fair (though some say pale), has dark brown hair always hidden underneath a hat, and a kind-looking, puerile face complete with light blue eyes. She is fond of dresses and blouses, but her biggest affinity: scarves and knit hats. 

Role in Titan: Mellie is currently an unemployed, aspiring photographer––a Zeiss Ikonta constantly in hand, and rolls of film always taking up over half the space in her purse. She studies photography at the University, but seeing what little money she has, is on the brink of dropping out. Shy, neurotic, and of little confidence in the field of social interaction, she has few friends, if even acquaintances in the city, and for three years, has been hiding the truth of her biggest weakness: her heart.

Background Information: Mellie was born to an upper-class family in San Francisco, every member of which had always gone into either law or medicine, usually unhappily. As early as her primary school years, her parents had planned every step of her life as a doctor, until she'd decided to be the first Baker to become an artist, and ran away at only 18, bound to New York. However, in a little mishap along the way, she'd accidentally wound up in Titan, and had stayed ever since forming a fascination with the city's mysteriously dark charm. She'd cut off all ties with her family with the exception of her older cousin and emergency contact, Richard, after their refusal to financially support her as a photographer. And once every month for the past three years, she'd receive a package with Richard's name on it, the box inside labelled "Titan Hospital Cardiological Research Division."

Quirks: Mellie wears a hat and scarf that always matches in color that changes depending on her mood, except Mondays (Mondays are always blue). She also collects baseball cards despite having little to no interest in the sport, a hobby which she cannot explain, but can neither stray from.

Comment by Ken Kostyo on January 17, 2012 at 12:59pm
  • Name:    K. Josef Kane
  • Age:    36
  • Appearance:    tall, skinny, dark, always appears hungry ... even after a big meal
  • Role in Titan:    professor of economics and history at the main university, but sometimes his lies about this when meeting other interesting people at cocktail parties ... sometimes he even lies about it to himself. refining his magnus opus on the Kaiser Wilhelm's role in the crash of 1871 and its relationship to the current crisis, but secretly working on subversive theories that will revolutionize the world.
  • Background Information:    T.B.A.
Comment by Jonathan Boyd on January 16, 2012 at 8:58pm

Name: Mark Leary

Age: 30

Appearance: Mark Leary is a man who most people would underestimate in the physical department, being only 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighing in at around 145 pounds, but underneath his well-dressed exterior is a body consisting of nearly pure lean musculature due to his prior military service in the war. Typically, you will see him walking around the streets of titan city in a three-piece suit, with his signature fedora. Mark's suits are usually a cream or neutral color, although he will wear darker colors when going out for a night on the town when it is cooler in the evening. Preferring to stay clean-cut and shaven from habit whilst in the military, you will rarely see any stubble on Mark's face, unless the situation he's in warrants him to skip the razor for a day.

Role: Newly-minted detective for the TCPD, working in the Organized Crime Bureau to keep the vision of Titan City as intact as can be.

Background information: Born into a middle-class family in the heart of Chicago, the detective stories found at the newsstands piqued an early interest of crime fighting, and began to read many books and case notes from his uncle, who was a Captain in the Chicago Police Department. However, the draft would put those plans on hold as Mark went to serve his country, being awarded with the Silver Star for his actions during combat. After being discharged honorably, Mark then proceeded to attend university, earning a Bachelor's in Criminology from the University of Chicago, making the Dean's List every semester. After doing a year and a half stint in Patrol, Mark took the Detective's exam, making high marks in all areas, making him one of the youngest detectives at the age of 26. While working a case involving a felony hit-and-run, he ran into an old friend who had gotten a job in Titan City as a Lawyer for the Corporation's Legal Team. After some persuading and a small kick-back, Mark then decided to resign from the Chicago PD, and then moved to Titan City, which was larger than life itself. This would become a great opportunity for Mark to really flourish as a Detective, and hopefully rise in the ranks to become a Chief Detective.

Comment by BlackAdam01 on January 16, 2012 at 2:59pm

Name: Morgan Masterson

Age: 40


Morgan is a 6 foot man with brown hair and a scruff of beard on his face. He is going to seed at 200 lbs, his once strong frame is starting to go soft due to time and hard living. Walking with a barely noticeable limp, from an accident while working on a merchant marine ship, the heels of his work boots are worn down. He wears old brown corduroy pants, a dungaree shirt, and an fading pea coat. His thinning hair is always covered by an old brown fedora or black knit watch cap. His time travelling the world and working in the merchant marines has left him with scared knuckles, and a sometime questionable sense or right and wrong.

Role: Travelling man looking for work...whatever that may be.

Background Information: Leaving Illinois as a young man Morgan found passage and employment on a freighter heading for the far East. He has traveled the Pacific Rim, Middle East, and the Europe and is comfortable eating just about anything that can cover a plate.Through all his travels he always had a the notation that he would end up back "home" in America but never sure where at. Finishing his last job on a freighter back to the States he jumped a train out of Norfolk, Virginia and hobo-ed his way to Titan. Titan seems like a good enough place to start "settling down".

Comment by Rogue Timelord on January 11, 2012 at 7:46pm

Name: Errol Luna

Age: 32,

Born: March 30, 1888 Boston, Massachusetts

Appearance: Errol is just over 6’2 and weighs a solid 230#. He is stocky and thick built, but not fat. His short cropped dark brown hair is just begging to silver at the temples. His rich chocolate-brown eyes, concealed behind rectangular black spectacles are shadowed, giving him a haunted look. Errol’s’ manner of dress is usually composed of button-down long sleeve shirts or sweaters in earth tones and khakis, his slacks are usually in a compromising color of olive drab, brown, or tan. Dual tone brown wing tip shoes, usually scuffed but well-polished always adorn Errol’s’ feet, and he is fond of wearing a tan mid-length overcoat. Brown leather driving gloves and a well-worn russet leather fedora are ubiquitous accouterments of Errol’s’ dress, he is never seen without them.

Role in Titan: After the death of his beloved wife Amanda Westinghouse, Errol was crushed and directionless. Many a night was spent upon the mean streets of Boston in a drunken, brawling stupor. Errol racked up large gambling debts, and made several enemies of loan sharks and their unsavory associates. Regular harassment by collectors and toughs eventually lead to the accidental death of a “leg-breaker” at Errol’s’ hands. After this incident, in the winter of 1930, Errol packed his belongings and fled Boston to come to Titan to start a new life. A resident of one of the upper tier neighborhoods in Southside, Errol is a bit of a rogue. A hard drinker, a known card and billiards player, Errol drifts from the lowest to the highest ends of the not so savory areas of Titan. Recently, he has been giving thought to becoming a gumshoe, or even a bootlegger.

Background Information: Though he may not look it Errol is an educated man, he completed all but a semester’s worth of a Bachelor’s Degree in literature at Notre Dame, where he was also a collegiate boxing champion. Having most of a professional education as well as fluent comprehension of French lent some weight to Errol’s’ future station when he was drafted into the United States Marine Corps in the winter of 1917. After attending an officer training academy Errol arrived in France as a Captain in the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. As fate would see it Errol would not remain long in military service. He was wounded and temporarily blinded for nearly six months at the battle of Belleau Wood, and sent home to the US to recover in a veteran’s hospital. It was at this hospital that he would meet his wife to be, Amanda Westinghouse, an heir to the Westinghouse company fortune. After a full recovery and discharge Errol and Amanda had a whirlwind romance, which lead to their marriage in 1921. Errol and Amanda lived happily for seven years. In that time Errol completed his degree at New York Regents College, and went to work as an editor for the New York Times. It was not until 1928 that tragedy struck. After growing disillusioned with the pace of New York, Errol and Amanda returned home to Boston. Within six months a tragic house fire had claimed Amanda’s life, and resulted in the severe burning of Errol’s hands in an attempt to save her. Errol fell to depression and drink, which eventually lead him to Titan. Only the stipend of $325 a month, due to Amanda’s will keeps Errol afloat and out of the gutter.

Comment by Chris Johnson on November 27, 2011 at 3:03pm

Name: Leon Castor

Age: 31

Appearance: Leon is 6"1', and he weighs just about 150 lbs., a medium build. He always wears business suits that he buys for just a few dollars at his brother's store in Chicago. Always with his old glasses hanging off of his face, Leon carries an ancient necklace made by his grandfather made of old clock gears. Across his back is an Irezumi tattoo of the phrase "Never Forget" that Leon got while visiting Japan several years back. He has blue eyes and brown hair, and he has fair skin.

Role in Titan: After being fired from the police force in Chicago for a crime he didn't commit, Leon tracked the man who framed him across America's greatest cities before finally reaching Titan, but lost him in the city. Deciding to settle down and try to find new work, Leon became a private detective, putting the skills he gained while in Chicago to great use.

Background Information: Born in Manchester to a detective and a clothes saleswoman in 1900, Leon spent most of his childhood learning to be a policeman from his father. This was cut short when his father died and his mother fell ill, forcing Leon to take over the clothes shop his mother ran. When the Great War came, Leon's oldest brother, Charles, left for battle and never returned. Once the youngest brother, James, became of age to run the store, Leon faked his age and entered the war at 16. During the war Leon discovered that Charles had died at the Battle of Ypres. Leon saw many horrors during the war, being one of the few survivors of the Battle of Somme, possibly the bloodiest battle of the War. At the end of the war Leon moved to Chicago with his family and joined the police force while his brother maintained the family clothing business. When he left Chicago to chase the man who caused his being fired from the Chicago Police, he eventually found his way to Titan.

Comment by Eros Benjimen Gochicoa on November 26, 2011 at 8:40pm

Name: Eros Gochicoa 

Age: 24

Apperance: Standing 6ft 4in with black hair and brown eyes. Has a large scar over his right eye.

Role in Titan: Eros stumbled into Titan after the great war when shrapnel almost took his right eye out. After 3 months of recovery he went out to the railroad to find a job as a train driver.

Background Information: Brought to an orphanage in 1881 and left for the army in 1896. He was promoted to sergeant 1906 and was shipped of to France in 1914. He was hit by shrapnel in 1918 while he was in "No Mans Land" so his company presumed he was dead. But he wasn't. He walked off the battlefield in search for something. Not even he knows what he is looking for.  Before he stumbled upon Titan the war was already over.

Comment by Adnam Reynolds Turner on October 17, 2011 at 11:59am

Name: Quintus Reynolds

Age: 21

Appearance: Standing at 5ft 6in tall, Quintus is not the tallest person around, and sports a minor Napoleon complex for it. Quintus has a neat chinstrap beard; regardless of the situation, his beard always seems to be in perfect condition. He wears small round spectacles with a brass frame. He normally wears a plain white shirt with black braces, no tie, and either a long light brown trenchcoat or a black leather jacket. He owns an array of colourful waistcoats.

Role in Titan: Quintus arrived in Titan with a travelling circus, but got left behind when they left unexpectedly. He now has to find a way to get by an a place where he knows literally no-one.

Background Information: Born in the South East of England to Peter and Amelia Reynolds, two professors of the ancient world, Quintus was named after the ancient Roman writer Quintus Curtius. He had a rather well off childhood, and was home-schooled by his parents as he travelled with them across Europe, visiting various archeological sites. Growing up surrounded by the ancient world, Quintus grew a love for ancient texts, particularly Homer's Iliad and the comedies of Aristophanes, and can read various forms of Ancient Greek. Despite this, he was quick to try and shun his intellectual roots as he grew up, and joined a travelling circus at 18. He had, however, not completely forgotten his past, as he performed ancient plays in the circus to much amusement. The circus became his life as they travelled the world, eventually stopping on the outskirts of Titan.

Comment by Christopher James Rupert on October 15, 2011 at 3:02pm

Name: Joey "switchblade" Irvine
Age: Early 20's
Appearance: Joey stands at a cool 5'' 10', he wears a tight black leather jacket with a few large gashes in the back, and a white t-shirt stained and dirtied by the many automotive repairs. His jeans are ripped and torn at the knees and are missing a pocket in the back, but he continues to wear his "best pair" anyway. His hair is slicked back with vaseline and combed furiously. He wears a nice pair of black shoes (presumably stolen), a stolen wrist watch and an ancient carton of cigarettes.

Role in Titan: "Switchblade" was the member of a gang called The Igniters. Though, he now spends his time roaming the streets of Titan looking for work, a boys gotta eat right? With not much to his name Joey scrapes by from pay to pay trying to repair his motorcycle.

Background Information: Joey's life began in titan with his mom & pop 'til he got fed up with those uppity old bags around his neighbourhood, they told him he used to be a 'nice boy', they'd see. After that he got kicked out of automotive class in vocational school, thus turning him to the streets. After travelling with The Igniters for years they finally decided to uh… Part ways… Yeah, that's right. Those finks didn't know what would' hit 'em if I.. I mean, if Joey stayed any longer. Joey got into fights, brawls, knife-fights, and battles, and gang-wars. He's got the scars to prove it too!

Making his way in Titan is proving itself difficult to Joey, but he's certainly doing his best. Sometimes you have to wonder, if Joey had just followed in his fathers footsteps he might've been a milk-man. Yeah, a good stable career.

Comment by Joe the pyro on October 6, 2011 at 11:25pm
  • Nam: Joseph far (Mr. far)
  • Age: early 20s
  • Appearance: about 5 foot 11 with a long black coat that drags on the floor under is poorly kept hand down threads. suit almost like a zoot suit but two sizes to big. fas looks sickly being pure white with dark ringed eyes. black gloves cover his hands, boots on this feet, and a just a little to big of a hat on his head. 
  • Role in Titan: drifted into town like paper in the wind. No real intention since the mr. far seems poor off or full homeless. The only thing that's known is he is looking for something and trying to stay away from someone...with hope he can hide in this new city and find what he needs.
  • Background Information: Mr. far drifts from town to town trying to run from people he thought wanted to help, not control him. after a close cut with the men looking for him his right leg almost has no use anymore but a steel leg brace helps him walk. all his life mr. far has been a drifter...so most treat him as that drifting paper in the wind.
Comment by Cogni on September 26, 2011 at 2:03pm
  • Name: Josh Leets
  • Age: 27 
  • Appearance: Just shy of 6' Josh has close cropped dark brown hair that's in a constant state of disaray when left long enough. His face is covered by a full beard that's thick yet still kept neatly trimmed. He likes to call his build "deceptively strong" as he's built solidly with a bit of pudge around the middle. Dark grey-blue eyes look out from under dark eyebrows, flicking about in casual observance of the world.
  • Role in Titan: Having just recently moved back to Titan City Josh is looking for work being a skilled working and mechanic, as well as jack of all trades. 
  • Background Information: Josh has spent most of his adult life as a Patcher, someone who runs along the surface of airships checking for leaks or vents in the envelopes. Born and raised in Titan City he was one of the many lost children turned into the Titan City Home for Boys. Understandably so Josh left the city as soon as he was 16, lieing about his age to sign on as crew for a docked airship in the city. Throughout the years Josh signed on from one ship to the next, spending more time in the air then he did on land. Eventually he found his place as a Patcher, roaming from one end of the envelope to the other taking care of nicks and tears in the envelope of blimps and zepplins that would occur through air travel, a job few stuck to as this was done midflight leaving workers in the blue yonder with a minimal protection. As such Josh is a skilled worksman and knows as much can be known about air travel without a formal training. As he likes to boast, "I'm a Roads Scholar, I learned on the road."
Comment by Brad Settles on September 18, 2011 at 2:20pm

Name: Officer Ted Beckmann Jr.


Appearance: Not quite six feet tall. Average build, average looks. Really, everything about Ted is average. Almost exclusively seen in a TCPD uniform.

Role: Fresh out of the Academy beat cop with TCPD. Badge number: 1728.

Background: His grandparents arrived on the boat from Germany. They settled in New York City, where they had twelve children, one being Ted’s father, Theodore Beckmann Senior. When he was 24 (1930), Ted came to Titan City in search of work. He found it in the form of the Titan City Police.

Ted has two older brothers, Richard and Gene, who Ted hasn’t been in contact with since he left New York.

Comment by Erich Hamer on September 12, 2011 at 1:58am

Name: Erich Hamer

Age: Early to mid 30's

Appearance: Erich is not a particularly large man but is well toned presumably from a lifetime of hard work and play. He is a very spartan individual and is frequently seen with a light beard although he usually keeps his thick dirty blond hair short and slicked back when it isn't covered in a hat. His clothes are usually very utilitarian except when the occasion calls for him to dress up and even then he is not likely to be the best dressed man in any room.

Role in Titan: Erich is something of a lone wolf and an adventurer, a true "Jack of all trades" and he plays by his own set of rules. He has been known to work as a pilot and/or a smuggler though machine work and mechanics are well within his abilities as well as working the docks and shipping yards.

Background: Erich was orphaned in a house fire in his early teens and spent his adolescent years on the streets learning anything he could to survive, from fighting to operating and repairing machinery. He was always fascinated with technology and tinkers about with machines whenever he gets the chance but the one piece of technology that always captured his heart and imagination above all others was the airplane. He learned to fly when he 19 while working as a mechanic at an airfield and has worked off and on as a test pilot to satiate his need for excitement and adventure. After a falling out with his last employer Erich decided to see out greener pastures and set his sights on Titan to seek out his fortune.

Comment by Lolipop Supernova on September 5, 2011 at 4:46pm

Name: Emily Adler

Age: 25

Appearance: Emily has long, dark brown hair that reaches her waist when isn't pulled up and warm brown eyes. She prefers simple clothing, but her clothes are always of excellent quality. She wears glasses and is rarely seen without her violin case.

Role in Titan: Emily is a concert violinist in an orchestra in Little Bohemia, although she feels unfulfilled in her job.

Background: Emily comes from a wealthy family who does not support her passion for music. She has come to Titan to persue her dreams of becoming a professional musician, but she struggles to find her place in the city. She is pleasant and soft-spoken, and though confident while preforming, she is rather shy in person.

Comment by Travis James Leland on August 28, 2011 at 3:32am

Name: Dr. Hawk Corbett

Age: 31

Appearance: When clean-shaven, as he prefers, he appears to be in his early-to-mid twenties, but when disheveled he appears in his mid-to-late thirties.  Brown hair, green eyes.  Slightly overweight with glasses.  As a professor at Titan University, he dresses well, although slightly out of his price range.  He's old-fashioned, but forward-thinking, somewhat liberal in his ideals.  


Role in Titan: He has come from "out west" but hasn't really discussed it.  He has only just arrived in Titan, and has just started teaching at Titan U.  He is a professor of English, but also has a great interest in art, history and science.  He's more of an "idea man" than anything, as he's rather clumsy and not too handy.  He tries to appear to be a little more than he is.  Although moderately successful, he is by no means wealthy, although he dresses in the finest suits and drives a new car.  He is well-mannered, almost to an annoying degree.

People seek him out when they need to better understand something that he is well-versed in; the afore-mentioned English, Literature, Art, History and Science.  Private detectives can use him for background info on an artifact that is being used as evidence in a case.


He's not a brave man, but he is a good one.  He stays on the straight and narrow, rather meek. He isn't the most assertive man in the world and is even somewhat of a pushover.  He tries like hell never to find himself in situations where he would be taken advantage of or threatened in any way, hence the facade of power that he tries to exude through dress and education.


Background: As previously mentioned, he comes to Titan from "out west." He's rather private so not a lot of details are known about him.  He is a HUGE fan of movies and music, perhaps as a means of escapism into a life of control and culture.

Comment by Anson Nullmann on August 23, 2011 at 4:55pm

Name: Anson Nullmann


Age: Late twenties.


Appearance: A quiet little white mouse of a man, easily lost in the crowd, content to be ignored and go unnoticed. A slight build from subsisting on sanitarium food most of his young adult life, a body that hasn't changed since he was a teenager. An aquiline nose and cheekbones that give him an almost porcelain, yet completely forgettable and uninteresting, quality. A hairline that tells you that while he's not yet losing his hair, he soon will. His shoulders are always slumped, a defeated and overwhelmed look in his grey blue eyes. Always lost in his own thoughts, and frequently finding himself lost in the city. A voice that is flat and monotone, barely above a whisper. His dress is conservative, usually sporting a bow tie as well as his Titan City Department of Information I.D. badge. The only thing that remarkable about his appearance would be the small surgical scar on the left side of his cranium that he's had since he was a teenager.


Role in Titan: A low level astronomer and mathematical savant at the Titan City Observatory and a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. A mind that dreams of escaping the confines of his boring and oppressive life and so ends up concocting elaborate and paranoid fantasies. Anson's a connoisseur and collector of conspiracy theories, anonymously sending many to reporters, newspapers, or anyone else who'll listen. He often believes he has found patterns in the face of the city, a code of symbols and signs embedded in the geometry of Titan itself. In some of his worse breaks from reality, he comes to convince himself that they even have something to do with the disappearance of the mayor. The Observatory where he works sits atop Mt. Atlas on the other side of the bay. Crowning the observatory is the Panoptic telescope, or as the citizens call it: The Eye. The Eye is always watching, some say. He's a theorist with no mechanical aptitude, a fountain of useless knowledge, devoid of anything applicable and practical. He couldn't change a tire or a simple rotor blade on an autogyro if his life depended on it.


Background: Much of his childhood before his teenage years is lost to him. From his point of view, his life began when he was twelve he was committed to the Titan City Home for Boys, an institution for troubled juveniles. He was told his father died in the war and that his mother took her own life not long after. His only clue to what came before is the scar on the left side of his skull. He assumed that he had experienced some sort of accident as a boy, and that the resulting brain damage would thus explain his apparent lack of childhood memories, but he has no other tell tale injuries and the scar itself looks hardly accidental.

Comment by Victor Rourke on August 19, 2011 at 4:15pm

Name: Frank Zappul


Age: Frank has the look of a man who had just broke into his thirties. When in fact he is actually in his mid-late twenties.


Appearance: Frank inherited many of his features from his Jewish father. A skinny body of lanky stature, topped with a head equipped with a face of determination and a always curious brain.

His clothes can usually be described as either somewhere between lazy or lower class. Frank never had been one to care for looks, deciding on looking on whats inside than out. Though when he does stick with a pattern, he is usually wearing dark trousers, dull white shirt, faded light bikers jacket and all topped with a beaten fedora. Though what always sticks with him is his satchel full of papers, pencils and books. But what people don't normally see is the carefully hidden 1903 colt pocket hammer tucked in the secret pocket of his jacket.


Role in Titan: Frank is a freelance writer, his mind is always primed for the next scoop ready to be sold to a waiting newspaper or magazine. Though when he is not sleuthing around Titan, Frank spends his time tapping away on his Remington producing story's of crime, science fiction and sometimes horror. Though the writers life is not of one bounty. Thus Frank is usually seen sneaking around crime scenes.


Background information: Franks parents, immigrated to the United States landing in New York in the hull of a tramp steamer at the turn of the century.

The first decade was one of hard trials, being immigrants and Jewish for that matter did not earn them the respect of most of the populace. In 1902 they had their first child, by that time the small family was still struggling. But by the time Frank was born in 1905 Franks father used his cunning to secure a profitable place in a banking firm. From then on life was good. But tragedy struck in 1918 when Franks brother died out on the fields of France just two days shy of the end of the war. Gloom hang over the family, it did not help when Franks father started to become more stern with the young Frank. Thus a few weeks after his Bar Mitzvha, Frank ran from home. But his short stint of freedom was cut short by a careful policeman. From then on Frank accepted his fate as his fathers son but still kept the torch of freedom alive. He would dance and frolic the like with family money at any speakeasy he could find or just generally ruff house when able. But by 1926 he had found his passion in writing. Finally he had a goal and hang to it with great passion. Tragically his college education was cut short when the floor gave out at the market and was forced home. Though he still kept on writing bringing a trickle of newspaper paychecks for him and his family. But when he caught wind of Titan the city of progress Frank set his eyes on the city as a new beginning. But his parents decided to stay in the big apple comfortable now with a somewhat safe financial factor. Frank went head long to Titan and found out that it was indeed a city of progress but a few sharp turns of bad luck put the man in a dreary half of Southside. But frank doesn't see it as failure, he simply sees himself in a position of "temporary limbo." For now he spends his time looking for the big scoop or mailing fiction to countless magazines.




Comment by Post Apocalyptic Nietzsche on July 22, 2011 at 5:43pm

Name: Sergeant, nobody knows if that was his real rank in the British Army or if he just likes it.


Age: When freshly rested, shaved, scrubbed and clean he seems to be in his mid 30's, but normally people assume he is in his late 40's with his normal week's worth of beard and a layer of dust and dirt making the lines of his face seem like fissures.


Appearance:  Sergeant has only been seen in a Tux once and sadly no one was sober enough to remember what he looked like cleaned and pressed into high fashion.  Normally people see Sergeant with a week's worth of stubble and thin layers of dust and dirt blacking the lines of his face.  Given most people try no to look into that face, something about the set of the jaw and the look in the eyes makes them uncomfortable.  His clothing looks to be a collection of relics from the Great War, military issued uniforms piecemeal into something one might call wartime casual.  The most consistent thing about him is he is always armed.  His mostly commonly seen weapons are his twin Webley-Foster Model 1902s chambered in .38, Machino .38 Super, and his 1911.  The more metal he is seen carrying the larger the hole around him gets.  Normally he only carries one or both of his Webleys.


Role in Titan: Bodyguard, messenger (The families use him when they have bad news to delieve among themselves, their viewpoint why waste one of their en and if they are foolish enough to attack the Sergeant at least he'll take a few of them down), armorer (men from both sides of the law come to the Sergeant for modifications to their firearms, as well as custom ammunition), and babysitter (No one knows why, but more than a few times Sergeant has been seen herding smalls groups of children in Coal Town while their parents are working extra shifts).


Background Information: Not even a man when the Great War erupted in Europe, none the less the boy who would later be known as the Sergeant did more than his part for King and Country.  With a firearm in his hands it was believed he could never be stopped.  Numerous times he was recommended for the Military Medal and the Distinguished Conduct Medal.  However as the war raged on many viewed him less of a blessing and more as a curse.  Squads would go out and only he would return, on great days one or two others may crawl back with him to die.  The medics spent hours sewing wounds closed and repairing damage but it seemed if war would never see him leave it for long.  The men around him began to call him Satan's Sergeant believing that he had come to lead them to hell and deliver as many of his enemies to his dark master as well.  The brass kept him at the front lines first because he was efficient and lethal and second because it seemed the only place he belonged.  Soon after the war ended Sergeant entered America many believed he was trying to flee his dark reputation and the loneliness it bred.  Rumors have him traveling the width and breadth of the country rumors he neither acknowledges or denies.  What is know for a fact is he is in Titan now, living down in Coal Town.  Many times the Black Hats have tried to get him to side with one family or another, every time he has refused.  The street gangs that scuttle to and fro know to stay clear of his place, many even take to finding safety in shadow when he shares the streets with them.  The Police believe he has killed but can never find proof or witness, and every time they manufacture some way to remove him, they find they need his help more then they need him gone.  Many spit and recite that the "Devil protects its own".

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