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Getting Started(Rules, Gameplay, and General Idea)

Hello, and welcome, to The World of Tomorrow! The World of Tomorrow is a forum based, community made, RPG game that allows us to live in o…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

15 Aug 25, 2015
Reply by Matthew Birx

Boneflower's Campaign(Test Run)

Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Hunter Game World: Dark City Game Type: Test Run Level: 2 Experience: 150/2000 Profile Alignment: Chaotic Good Race…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

121 Feb 3, 2015
Reply by Stuart

The Raven's Campaign

Name: Lydia Somerson Alias: The Raven Class: Playgirl/Vigilante   Game World: Decomocracy Late 1930's Atlanta (with some globetrotting thro…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

126 Dec 18, 2014
Reply by AJ Clarkson

Krod Mandoon's Campaign

Name: Krod Mandoon   Game World: Dark City (high magic, high sci-fi)   Game Type: Test Run Level: 1  Class: firefighter   Profile Alignment…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

1 Oct 15, 2014
Reply by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

Bestiary(list of enemies)

Dark City CR1 Stray dog Strength:6 Perception:6 Endurance:6 Intelligence:1 Charisma: Agility:6 Luck:8 -HP: 4(1d6 if randomized) attack:…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

0 Oct 1, 2014


Here is the archive of every weapon in the game(appearing once they are created), along with their base numbers(unaltered by skills or perk…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

0 Sep 28, 2014

Class: Private Investigator

"Dead men are heavier than broken hearts." -Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep Private Investigator is like a detective who finds dirt on so…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

0 Sep 27, 2014

Beta is now open!

With a lot of the basics up and on the web page, anyone wanting to do a "test run" is welcomed to help out. This way, I can get the ideas,…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

10 Sep 26, 2014
Reply by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn


Any ideas anyone has, anything you want to have in the classes, or anything you want to add in general, feel free to put it in the comments…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

2 Sep 26, 2014
Reply by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn


(Still in progress...) Vehicles are their own being with their own levels, perks, skills, and equipment. If your vehicle is destroyed wit…

Started by Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn

0 Sep 25, 2014


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