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With a lot of the basics up and on the web page, anyone wanting to do a "test run" is welcomed to help out. This way, I can get the ideas, add a few things, work out any bugs in the system, and get a good idea of how to "GM".

If anyone wants to do a Dark City campaign, feel free to let me know!

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I'm certainly in. :)

Okay then. To start, which class would you like to test out?

Rogue/Gumshoe, as you might have guessed from my comment in the Classes thread.;)

Ahh, the classic Noir setpeice. Would you like magic or no magic invloved? I'm guessing you'd like a simple Noir story with a femme fatale and a mobster who'd done you wrong.

Minor magic/sci-fi is perfectly fine. :)

And yes, sounds like a good start.

Okay, so what that means is there will be only magicians who are allowed to do magic and only scientist will have anything sci-fi. There will be ONE artifact that is considered magical, which you can choose to go after once you hear about it(like a Maltese Falcon).

Because you are a "P.I.", you are allowed to be anything but EVIL(so chaotic, neautral, and lawful are allowed). "P.I"s have good Perception, Charisma, Agility, and Luck. That means they have good Detect, Sneak, Critical %, and overall communication(intimidate, interigate, seduction, bluff, diplomacy.)

They are proficiant with one handed guns, unarmed fighting, and simple weapons.

Their Knowledge starts off good in Law and Biology(medical and cause of death), but is low everywhere else. You can increase your knowledge through study or examination giving you mini-points towards your next point in that catagory.

If you've played any of the Elder Scroll games, you'd be familar with that kind of thing ;)

Now, did you want a background? That allows a modifier to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. so you can increase them(while decreasing another) and shape your character, as well as maybe give yourself a perk or set yourself up with more starting money.

I tend to swing back to Chaotic Good no matter what I start out as, so I'll stick to that. ;)

I've never actually played any of the Elder Scroll games, so.... :/ But the mini-points idea makes sense.

Hmm. Background. Former smuggler that decided to find something else to do, on account of his health perhaps? I'm open to suggestions though.

Well your alignment can change at any time depending on your actions( bad deeds like killing civilians make you more evil, helping out stopping crimes makes you more good). I always play chaotic good too :) lol

Well the mini points will be easy to follow on the field, so don't worry.

I say just think of what you'd want to have better. War Vetran might be good(increase in strength and guns, but a decrease in charisma). Others that can work are: Done Time(breaking rocks have incresed your Strength and simle blunt weapons, hiding things has increased your slight of hand, and anything else you can think of). Maybe Bad Childhood, like you've come from a bad neighborhood and you are better at lockpicking, repairs, and melee weapons, and stealth related skills for having to do everything yourself.

Smuggler is good though, making him good with slight if hand, sneaking around, higher perception, stuff like that. Maybe have a downside where cops are less helpful with you for your past. Health problems will be in perminant hinderence(PHIN). Bad Ticker, less endurance but more charisma. Weak Back, Glass Eye, Limp...

Any extra ideas?

I forgot to put the quotation marks around health. :/ He might have 'forgotten' to deliver the entire cargo at one point to a client, so it seemed wise to change to a different profession. Something like that.
He might even just have been set up by one of the clients henchmen as a convenient scapegoat.

Okay, so you are a P.I. who used to be a smuggler that had a client who's now got it in for him. I have an idea for a story already. Want to begin already? I will put up your campagin so we can continue this in another thread. See ya there!


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