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Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Hunter

Game World: Dark City

Game Type: Test Run

Level: 2

Experience: 150/2000


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race or gang/league: Human

Body Type: medium

Gender: Male

Age: Adult: 

Background/Origin: Ex smuggler(+15 conceal, -10 Gov, +1 Endurance)


Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Dark Brown



Strength       5/10

Perception   9/15

Endurance   7/10

Charisma     10/15

Intelligence  5/10

Agility           7/15

Luck              8/15


Critical Chance %(L): 8%

Dodge(P):  9

Total AC(E): 18

Initiative(A): 7

Health(E): 15/27  =  base health(levelx10)+Endurance(7)+perks(_)


Smackaroos: $305


Escape the Cold:

  • Find a way out of the Hideout
  • (optional) Find your equipment

A Drop in the Ocean: Completed

  • Find more clues about Johnny's murder
  • (Optional) Go to the Dockyard
  • (Optional) Go to the Apartments


Government(GOV)= 10/1000 infamy

Cops are less to give you info, more inclined to attack(tougher intimidation check), and won't help you if you need them.

Bootleggers(BOOT)= 5/1000 fame

Weapon Dealers (WD)= 5/1000 fame

Metal State



Hindrance (HIN)





-Finance(L)=20/100                             [--------------------]

-Knowledge Law(I)= 75/100                 [--------------------]

-Knowledge Geography(I)= 10/100      [--------------------]

*Knowledge Investigation= 25/100       [--------------------]

-Blades(P)= 18/100                               [--------------------]

-Blunt weapons(S)= 10/100                  [--------------------]

-Intimidation(S)= 10/100                       [--------------------]

*Unarmed(S)= 25/100                           [--------------------]

-Medicine(I)=   10/100                           [--------------------]

-Mechanics(I)= 10/100                          [--------------------]

*Locks(A)= 25/100                                [--------------------]

-Explosives(I)= 10/100                          [--------------------]

*Small guns(P) = 25/100                       [--------------------]

-Big Guns(S)=  10/100                          [--------------------]

*Sneak(A)= 26/100                               [lll-----------------](1)(140)

-Conceal(A)= 29/100(34)                     [--------------------]

-Charm(C)= 20/100                               [--------------------]

*Diplomacy(C)= 25/100                        [--------------------]

-Acrobatics(A)= 14/100                         [llll----------------]

-Technology(I)= 10/100                        [--------------------]

-Gambling(L)= 18/100                          [--------------------]

Languages: English


 Weapons: Revolver +4 attack

Switchblade 1d4+2 attack

Chair Leg 1d3 +1

Niagara's Baseball Bat 2d4+3

Appeal: Trench coat(+1 AC, +5 conceal)


Items: caffeine pills(1), 

Key items: keys, notebook, pencil, city map, lighter


Perks will go here once acquired.

-Law man: Your knowledge in law begins as Expert(75).

-Give into the Darkness: You are silent when under dim to no light, making your sneak  increase to 100 under such conditions, meaning no need to roll for stealth as long as you are out of a line of sight. You are still visible and are still vulnerable to damage. Any outfit that causes extra noise will still be in effect.

-Tough Enough(1): You've taken enough whacks to the head to make you forget what pain is. Your endurance is up by 1.

Current Notes

Notes on Molly's brother:

  • The brother's name is Johnny
  • He has a safe with savings(amount unknown)
  • A man called Birdie who sounds suspicious
  • Johnny worked at the Dockyard(common job/income)
  • Johnny lives in an apartment (common housing)
  • Vince was at his apartment... What was he doing there?

Notes on Vince:

  • He's got a grudge against you
  • He is nowhere to be found

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I lightly tap my pen against the notepad a few times. "Not that I haven't done this sort of thing before, but normally I just get divorce cases. How did you hear about me?" 

(3 - 3)

She blushes a little. "I went down the line with the phonebook, calling up every office in town. Each one turned me down. Said what's done is done and there's nothing else to do. They do things by the book. I heard you... you know... find your own way of doing things."
(She knows of your history with other cases. There is nothing more to it.)

Do you:
1)accept the offer
2)ask how much she'll pay
3)ask more about the brother
4)reject her offer

I smile at her. "Well, you are persistent, I'll give you that."
"What else can you tell me of your brother? Work? Friends? Associates?"


"He worked at the dockyard for a few good years. He always told me the ocean was 'the place to be'. He was even saving up for a sailboat, keeping it in a small safe in his place somewhere."

She starts naming off the friends he has, mostly fellow dockworker. None of their names have any meaning until the last one. "There is one guy. I think it's one of his newest friends. I never heard him even mention the guy unitl recent. Johnny(her brother) called him Birdie, but I'm sure that's just a nickname. He'd keep saying how Birdie was 'good with tricks' and 'knows how to keep a guy running'. It sounded like Birdie was becoming Jonny's best friend because everytime he was out of the house, he'd say he was seeing Birdie."

That's about all the info you get out if her:
-The brother's name is Johnny
-He has a safe with savings(amount uknown)
-A man called Birdie who sounds suspicious

-Johnny worked at the Dockyard(common job)
What do you do?
1)Accept the offer
2)Ask how much she'll pay(60% success)
3)Reject offer

"If I do look into the death of your brother, I will expect payment for time and effort." I give her a small smile. "And I should probably start by talking to his new best friend."


(How it works is that I roll a d100 and if it's under the number of your percent chance, it is a success. I got a 64 and started laughing. I'll still give it to you.)

"Of course I'll pay you for your troubles!($250)(which is a good pay in this game)(500xp if completed)" she looks disspionted now. "I wish I could tell you where to find birdie, but there's no use finding the guy. I don't even know what he looks like."

(There is no useful info on Birdie. Your detective skills tell you the best bet is either Johnny's work place-The Dockyard- or his apartment.)

Quest: A Drop in the Ocean

Current mission: Find out clues to complete the case

"Thank you. Thank you very much." You see her out, telling her that she'll be informed once you find anything(you get her contact location and phone number). With her out of the office you now have a number of options.

What do you do?
1)Look around your office for items
2)start traveling to the docks
3)start traveling to the aparments
4)mess around until tomorrow(delay case and go off on any side quest)

(by the way, are you having fun?)

(Yes, I am. ^.^)

Everything went quiet when she left my office. I couldn't remember reading about Johnny's death in the news, but there is a bit of a difference between reading a newspaper and pretending to read a newspaper, while keeping watch on someone.

In the distance I could hear the muffled sound of a saxophone playing. Must be Jenkins on the third floor. Hmm, he's getting a lot better.
Now where did I put my keys?


Nothing much is kept around your place, the filing cabinets full of files and your typewritter too heavy to lug around. In your desk drawer, you find your SWITCHBLADE, extra ammo(12), and CAFFEINE PILLS(temporary inititive boost), along with your keys.

What do you do now?
1)travel to the docks
2)travel to the apartments
3)mess around

I look sadly at the empty bottle in the bottom drawer of my desk and then at the mug of cold coffee.
"Sad state of affairs, all in all."
I put my battered hat on and put on my coat. Might as well start at his apartment. There might even be a coffee house nearby.


Time 9:00pm

You are outside of your office, standing on the stoop. Since you don't have a car, you'll have to go by foot, flat-foot. (Crime rate: low, 1%). The apartments are 6 blocks away(6 turns). In those turns, you can go to a shop or practice your acrobatics by taking back alleys(increases chances of event by 25%, but makes the trip shorter.

What do you do?
1)take the main road(6 turns)
2)take the back alleys(increases acrobatics and risk of event)(4 turns)

(Let's put the run into test run *grins*)



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