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"Dead men are heavier than broken hearts."

-Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep

Private Investigator is like a detective who finds dirt on someone for a price, investigating for the money instead of justice. Being an “Urban Spy”, they are stealthy and highly observant, as well as quick with a gun. Having to ask questions and find information, they are also gifted with a silver tongue(as well as "unorthodox" interrogation techniques)


Role: A Gumshoe is played as half detective and half infiltrator, with a little bit of fighting due to the fact that they work alone. They are usually on "cases" where someone has committed a crime and they find out who. They are known for holding grudges and will hunt out anyone who's done them wrong, most of the time with nothing to lose.

Best stats: Perception, Charisma, Agility, Luck

Proficiency: Small guns, Diplomacy, Unarmed, Sneak, Law, Investigate

Initial Perks

-Lawman: Start with Expert Rank(75) in law.

Extra information: Against how they are portrayed in fiction, real life "P.I."s handle divorce cases or work for someone, either an important figure or a lawyer, paid to spy on people so their employer can get the upper hand. They never need to fight or even own a gun! The "Hollywood" idea behind the Private Eye started from Noir flicks and Pulp Fiction tales, using the P.I. as an easy way to explain how they knew about law and for them to get involved with gangsters. One of the biggest influences was the character Mike Hammer(created by Micky Spillane), who turned the sneaky Gumshoe into a tough as nails two-fist, ready to shoot or punch anyone who committed crime.

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