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This is the basic set up for your character. Each World has its own names and exclusives, but here, you can get the idea of what to expect and plan for. 

Name: The name of your character.

Game World: The world that your story will be taking place in. Pick one of the available options or make up your own(as long as it’s Dieselpunk). Your class choices, weapons, enemies, ect will be different with each tier. Higher tiers use bigger numbers and may have different play styles.

Game Type: This is the “steering wheel” that will direct your story to how you wish. Whether you want to experience a silly and surreal adventure or a down to earth and serious one, the choice is up to you.


Alignment: Your alignment will determine how evil you are, or how good. Evil characters play the life of a villain, while Good characters play as a Hero. Neutral characters are able to be either and neither, but enough Reputation in Good or Evil will automatically change your character to it. 

-Lawful Good

-Neutral Good

-Chaotic Good

-Lawful Neutral


-Chaotic Neutral

-Lawful Evil

-Neutral Evil

-Chaotic Evil

Race or gang/league

Body Type: Your body type will limit you to what you will be able to do, but also open up new options to make your character as diverse and focused as possible.

List of body types

-Large: You're a walking brick wall and hit like one too. Your Agility limit is less, but your Strength limit iis higher, as well as a higher Base Set. Recommended for Strength focused characters

-Medium: Being average sized doesn't give any bonuses, but doesn't give any penelties either

-Small: Being small doesn't make you weaker, only quicker. Your Strength limit is less, but your Agility limit is higher, as well as a higher Base Set. Recommended for Agility focused characters



-Youngster: Youngsters have the 


-Elder: Elders have less strength but more intelligence due to more life experience in an aged body. Recommend for Scholar type classes

Background/Origin: How you got here is just as important as what you will do in the future. Your background/origin will determine how the game starts, where it starts, what you start with, and any bonuses or penalties that came with your past.




Eye color:

Hair color:



Because it is your world, you are S.P.E.C.I.A.L and are allowed to choose exactly how you are so. Your class will set the limits in your abilities. It is impossible to have a negative ability. Taken from Fallout 3 :p





Endurance (Constitution)



Agility (Dexterity)






Hindrance (HIN)

Permanent: Genetic disorders, curse, 

Temporary: These hindrances are caused by illness, injury, emotion, and anything that won't last for long. They can go away with time, or be cured with first aid or certain items. When out of combat, a local doctor related to your hindrance can cure it for a price.



The core skills are:









Each skill leads to other branches that are under them.  The base skill sets are different with each class, as well as their limits.


Your equipment consists of Weapons, Apparel, and Aid.

Unless you're going to go toe-to-toe with nothing but your bare fists, you're going to use Weapons in your campaign. You are allowed to carry as many weapons you'd like(unless you want to be challenged, then that's where the amount you can carry is based on your class and strength).

Weapon Name:

Weapon type:



Critical chance(&):


Special traits:


Apparel name:

Apparel type:

Armor class:

special traits:


Cars, boats, planes, trains; you can drive any kind of vehicle as long as you’re skilled in its category(Military personal are automatically trained for vehicles related to their branch). Here you can keep track of vehicles you own, weather its your get-away car, your bat-mobile, your underwater airplane, or your own airship!



Perks come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a perk from leveling up, key event, or by picking a new subclass. You are only limited to perks when it comes to leveling up(50 Lv+ perks).

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