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Hello, and welcome, to The World of Tomorrow!

The World of Tomorrow is a forum based, community made, RPG game that allows us to live in our own Dieselpunk world, one reply at a time. The main point of this game is to open your creativity and to expand on the Dieselpunk style where all can see. It is open to ideas, so feel free to add whatever is on your mind to made the game better for yourself and your fellow Dieselpunks! Here, us Dieselpunks can play a fun game in any Dieselpunk setting of our choosing.

Do you want to be a PI hunting a crime syndicate? You can do that.

Do you want to be a Masked vigilante beating up thugs in an alley? You can do that.

Do you want to search the ancient temple to find the magical relic lost in time? You can do that.

Do you want to fight in WW2 against the occult? You can do that.

Do you want to fight aliens on a foreign planet with your robot squad? You can do that.

Anything Dieselpunk related you can think of, you can do it. BUT, and this is very important, the genres cannot freely mix. That means, if you want to play with a fellow player, it must be in the same setting unless you manage to find a time machine or interdenominational travel(which is possible, but difficult to pull off). And, if you want to be on your own or away from the other player's worlds, you can simply say your game is "LOCKED" to keep out the others.

What you need to play

There are a lot of RPG games out their for Diesepunks to play and enjoy, but I thought it would be good to have one that is not only free to play, but available in all the Diesel categorizes(Weird War 2, Noir, pulp adventure, ect). To play is simple. All you need are:

  1. Basic knowledge of a "D&D" game(which I will provide)
  2. A character sheet so you can record your progress
  3. A way to roll dice of d4, d6, d8, d10, and d20 (either in real dice or online)

For a character sheet, I have based the game mainly on Pathfinder, and I have added a few things to allow more leeway so we don't have to "choose wisely" when we build up our character. I want this game to be fun and casual, so the less thinking needed, the more fun is to be had. I will post up the character sheet in another discussion, and other discussions will go up for weapons, vehicles, locations, and the lot.

Making a Character

There will be a character section coming soon where I will post up the different types of characters you can play as, all separated in their own World Base. Some might blend with other worlds, but they will all follow their own stats and number systems.

Important: Characters in powerful world will have higher number counts, shown by their "tier" title. Weaker world characters that end up killing a higher tier enemy will be awarded bonus loot and exp. Stronger tier characters killing a lesser world enemy will be given little to nothing.

Any class type I don't feature or you would like to add on to their setlist, feel free to put something up in the comments and await for approval. DO NOT post up a class type without me knowing. This is not to be mean, but I do not want people using their own "God Class" and ruin the game for everyone.

Once I get the character sheets up and running, I shall add more to this section.

Types of Worlds

There are tons of Dieselpunk worlds a player can have their way with. For now, there are only a main "types" that I can think of. Anything new will be in the comments as an update.

  • Dark City: Shrouded in shadows and corrupt with crime, the Dark City setting is a giant playground for mobsters and vigilantes alike. Think of The Shadow or Batman and get ready to put your fist up for some baddy brawling.
  • Weird War 2: The war will never end as long as there are people to fight in it. Crazy machines and the occult made true has turned the world itself into a massive grave. Think Wolfenstien or the Dragonfly novels.
  • Decotopia: The world is a futuristic wonderland full of robots and flying ships making our everyday life as easy as possible. Sadly, villains still exists and want to rule the world, or destroy it. Think Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

How to play

This will be a forum based game, so everything will be done through text in your game section. Everyone will start their own discussion with your character sheet as the discussion and say "begin game" to show me your ready to play. All you will need to do is roll the right dice when the time comes up, as well as choose where/what next when told to choose. Combat will be short and swift, but not easy. And, I will reward you more for creativity on how a situation is dealt with. or even for asking the right questions that most people wouldn't normally ask. What is the reward? Loot or experience, both very good things to have for the RPG type.

Important: when you start your game, make sure you edit your character sheet every time something changes, and I will let you know when something changes so it's not up to guessing. If you forget, or try to change anything(to cheat), I will have my own copy of your sheet, so don't worry too much, unless your a cheater, then worry a lot ;)

How to win

You win when your main quest is finished. Then you can choose to start a new story and either start a new character, or carry over your current character to level them up more. How long your main quest is will be up to you, and I suggest choosing something that can fit your schedule. Nothings worse than an unfinished game when it's just barely started. So if you don't have much time, or feel you won't be playing for too long, then I recommend telling me you want a short game in your character sheet.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Here will be the asked questions that you can go back to as a reference. I will put up any answers(with the questions) here when they are asked.

  • Can my game be based on a book I've written, or a book another Dieselpunk has written? Yes, you can play in your own book world. For someone else's book, I hope nobody will object and instead take it as a compliment.
  • How long do I have to wait to continue? I will try my best to continue your story and get to it as soon as possible. I may be a hermit, but I still have my own things to do. At the most, you'll have to wait a day for a response, but then again, that just might be how long I will have to wait for YOU.
  • Can I make up my own weapons and perks? Yes, and I will also give you bonus experience for having a "self-made" weapon. Just know that your created items and skills will be up for use by the other players and it will also have to be approved by me to avoid cheapness.
  • What happens if we die in the game? Well, I will be glad to give you a restart if it's a lame way to go(fighting hard and gets hit by a critical, a long and horrible line of bad rolls, ect) given how much longer this game will take over a normal RPG game. But if you let your character die on purpose just to get a free reset, I will still give you a restart w/ penalties.
  • How do you know if we are cheating? I will have to say, there is NO POINT to cheat in this game because it's all about enjoying the game. But if someone tries to fight the main boss in the very beginning and somehow wins, then there is no fun in that, there is no journey. It'll be as fun as walking to the refrigerator if it was that easy. So, to avoid cheaters, and such easiness, I will have a "balance system" that will secretly make your game harder as you do very well and easier as you do very bad. How I will do it shall be secret so nobody can abuse it.
  • Can I make my game silly or serious, and how do I let you know? Just put your kind of "game style" in the game style section of the character sheet and I will know what you want.

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This sounds like a fun plan. :)
I'm in.

Yay! One player lol if you've played a D&D like game before, then what kind of "class" would you like to see/be? I'm asking so I can work on mapping out those first.

I tend to go for rogues in straight up D&D or arcane mechanics if it's Iron Kingdoms. :)

Rogues in this game can range from snipers to pickpockets to purloin capers, so there is not much to change. Easy enough. Arcane mechanics however... I have no idea what that is. I'll have to look up iron kingdoms. It sounds like fun!

I am SO in.  I've played PBEM's before, a lot.  But this is gonna be a different experience.  But I'm an experienced D&D player (my sister and I co-GMed a game for years), so I can make the adjustment.

My big problem is, I want to play ALL the categories!  Sigh.  How to narrow it down.... decisions, decisions....

Yay! AJ's here. I'm working on the character sheet right now, it's just that work is hectic and I keep getting the raw end of the stick :( I will try to take PTO soon(hopefully starting mid October) so I can blast out all the classes and stuff. Still, add in any ideas you may have. Feel free to add them on this perticular thread instead of your own discussion, then after I see it fit, then I'll add it as an actual thing. This is just so I can freely edit and update it.

That's why I wanted to be a GM haha so I can experience all the categories. You CAN start a campaign in all of the worlds, but that would be a little wacky. Those three categorizes I put down are just the core types. I'm thinking of having "difficulty" levels that increase and decrease in the amount of magic and tech to make things more complicated or simple to the player's choosing.

Other things I'm working on are:



-Secondary Classes




And I'm also thinking of having "Ethnicity" included in the "races" but I don't know if that'll be considered racist...

Like African Americans having more strength, and Asians having more Agility. I want to ask first before I put it, because I think it'll be nice to have specific bonuses, but then I might have a problem with the whole race thing.

I just found out a way. I'll have character "backgrounds" (origins for the pulp heroes and villians). So that way, you can have (for example) "Street Rat" as a background, making you from a low-rate neihborhood or "Old Money" making you start off with more money and higher intellegence from a private school. Sounds good?

Works for me.  It makes more sense than racial divisions, because those aren't going to be accurate, even if you ignore the racism aspect. Background and experience are gong to have much more effect than racial makeup.

Erwin "Blacky" Blackthorn said:

I just found out a way. I'll have character "backgrounds" (origins for the pulp heroes and villians). So that way, you can have (for example) "Street Rat" as a background, making you from a low-rate neihborhood or "Old Money" making you start off with more money and higher intellegence from a private school. Sounds good?

I am SOOOO SORRY I missed the beginning of the festivities!  I have a good excuse, I've been very ill (now thirty pounds underweight, which is making my doctor have kittens every she checks my heartrate).

Is it too late to join the fun?  Please please, please with sugar on top?  Or should I break out the ordnance and start threatening people in proper pulp fashion?

It's never too late :) The game still isn't even refined yet, so whatever you play will be mainly to make stuff up. Just let me know what kind of game you want to play and what kind of character and we'll start like that.

I THINK I've narrowed it down.  I want to play a Man of Mystery, like The Shadow.  Only a girl.  And much much cooler.  I don't know how she'll be cooler, but rest assured, she'll be the coolest girl Man of Mystery out there.  Woman of Mystery.  Something like that.  :D

Well, there is the vigilante class, and it can be subclassed to your liking(fighting, gunning, sneaking, ect.) So what kind of fighting style will you be perfering? You can even be a gadget maker if you want a little sci-fi in your campagin.


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