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Name: Krod Mandoon


Game World: Dark City (high magic, high sci-fi)


Game Type: Test Run

Level: 1 

Class: firefighter



Alignment: Lawful Neutral 

Race or gang/league: Human, firefighter

Body Type: Large

Gender: Male

Age: Adult:

Background/Origin: Lost wife to a fire(+25 grudge towards any fire type)(+2 damage towards fire)(+50 to depression when around fire if failed a 10% flashback check)


Eye color:

Hair color:



 Smackaroos: $610




fighting type 


*Strength: 9/15

Perception: 6/10

*Endurance: 10/15

Charisma: 4/10

Intelligence: 5/10

*Agility: 8/15

*Luck: 9/15


Critical Chance %(L): 9% 

Critical Resistance(A): 16%


Dodge(A): 8

Natural AC(E): 10

Total AC: 18

Health points(E): 20

 Resist fire: 50%




Hindrance (HIN)








-Barter(L): 18                        [--------------------]

-Knowledge Law(I): 10         [--------------------]

*Knowledge arcane: 25        [--------------------]

-Blades(P): 12                      [--------------------]

*Blunt weapons(S): 25         [--------------------]

-Intimidation(S): 18              [--------------------]

-Unarmed(S): 18                  [--------------------]

*Medicine(I): 25                   [--------------------]

-Mechanics(I): 10                [--------------------]

-Sneak(A): 18                     [--------------------]

-Locks(A): 16                      [--------------------]

-Explosives(I): 10                [--------------------]

-Small guns(P): 12              [--------------------]

-Big Guns(S): 18                 [--------------------]

-Charm(C): 8                       [--------------------]

-Diplomacy(C): 8                [--------------------]

*Acrobatics(A): 16              [--------------------]

-Technology(I): 10              [--------------------]

-Gambling(L): 18                [--------------------]

*Lift(S): 25                          [--------------------]




 Weapons: fire ax

squirt gun


Appeal: Firefighter suit(hand-me-downs)





-Lv1 Spell(Unknown)


Key items:





fireman's lift: You've learned how to lift thing's with ease. Anything under twice your weight is lifted without needing to roll check.

Fight fire with fighting: You . Any physical damage done to fire will be counted as water, meaning you can attack it and damage it, all without taking damage from the attack.

(1)(Conjuration) Saint Elmo's Firefighter: You have been granted the powers of magic, despite being a fighter. With this perk, you can choose one type of magic and learn spells in that particular category. More ranks in this perk will allow another magic type. Max is 3 Ranks.

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You begin in the fire department. On the black and white tv, news of arson continue to be listed off, the repeating report of a mysterious figure always seen fleeing the scene. With your day already looking like it'll be booked, you have a number of options.

You can:

1) look around for loot(perception check)
2) ask around for news and rumors(speech check)
3) start on a mission(start story)


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