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Vehicles are their own being with their own levels, perks, skills, and equipment. If your vehicle is destroyed with you inside it, you are dead. Vehicles enter a "on fire" status when their health enters critically low numbers(under 10%). During this time, you are in to bail out and must continue on foot.

In War, for Ships, you will be stranded if you escape on a lifeboat and will be given exposure penalties from starvation and exhaustion. The amount of penalty you get is based on how far you are from friendly sources(friendly land or convoys). If you are closer to enemy territory(enemy ships or land) then your chances of becoming a P.O.W. are higher than being saved. You can then try to escape, but that results your character to turn into a rouge type, and ends your naval missions. A restart is allowed in the P.O.W. state, which will restart EVERYTHING.

In War, For Planes, when you bail out, you will have to preform roll checks to return to base. Any failed rolls will result in capture(when behind enemy lines) and you will become a P.O.W. You can then try to escape, but that results your character to turn into a rouge type, and ends your airplane missions. A restart is allowed in the P.O.W. state, which will restart EVERYTHING.

Dark City

Get-away cars, squad cars, your own personal bullet proof limousine or even your own bat-mobile! You can drive anything you want, but taking another person's vehicle is stealing, meaning it gives you points towards evil(unless you have a police badge, making it commandeering, which will not effect your alignment). 

Pssst! Here's a hint! You don't need to be a cop to commandeer a vehicle. You only need the badge and to use a commandeering action. 

Vehicles are not limited to cars and motorbikes, but will be focused on them. 

Cars and motorbikes have their own Health points(VHP). Cars have six sides that can be crippled, using Cripple Points(VCP): Front, Back, Top, Bottom(tires included), Left, and Right. Any side that is crippled is rendered "broken", meaning it's function and protection of its inhabitants will be void(Ex. If the left side is crippled, the driver will take direct damage if attacked on the left side)

Vehicle Leveling Up

Vehicles are not leveled up with EXP but with money instead. Upgrades are also bought with money and blueprints. Leveling up a vehicle will give it a perk for each level, chosen by the player, as well as enhanced skills and stats, depending on the vehicle.

Vehicle skills & stats

Vehicles have their own set skills, separated by land, sea, and air. The skills are:

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Handling

The other factors with vehicles are:

  • Weight(exclusive for land vehicles): How much the vehicle weights. Affects Top speed, acceleration, and ramming. Weight is categorized on a scale of light, medium, heavy, and massive.
  • Durability: How much punishment the vehicle can stand.
  • Max occupancy: How many people can be inside the vehicle.
  • Cargo limit: How much weight and space the vehicle can hold.
  • Specialty: What the vehicle is intended for and what it has better than other vehicles.

Combat with Vehicles

Vehicles with their own weapons have the same system of a normal weapon. A Gunner companion in the passenger seat will use his own skills with guns to attack. A driver using a weapon is considered one handed and his driving skills are penalized, based on his Agility(unless given the Show off! perk)

Any vehicle without a weapon is still combat able, using ramming. Ramming causes damage to your vehicle, unless its AC(armor class) is higher than what is being rammed. Ramming on a motorcycle will instantly cause it to flip and for you to fall off it.

Types of Vehicles:










War(coming soon)

Decomacracy(Coming Soon)

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