Lord K's Garage #109: Bristol Buses

Once upon a time there was a tramway & carriage operator in Bristol unhappy with the performance of horseless omnibuses...

So this operator, already experienced in the tramway production, started to build its own buses. Since 1908, Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company Ltd. (which gave birth to the famous Bristol Aeroplane Company) was a part of the British automotive industry. Let's see some:

1934 Bristol JO5G

1946 Bristol K6A

1948 Bristol K5G

1948 Bristol L6A body by Beadle

1949 Bristol K5G

1950 Bristol L6B/ECW

1950 Bristol LL6G

1952 Bristol LWL6B

1953 Bristol LS6B

1953 Bristol KSW

1953 Bristol LS6G

1960 Bristol MW6G/ECW

1960 Bristol SC4LK

1962 Bristol SUL

1962 Bristol FS6G Lodekka

1965 Bristol B43F/MW

1965 Bristol ECW

1968 Bristol FLF
  • John L. Sands

    Every one of these designs is a classic example of British conservatism in design, It is functional mixed with art and a bauble that the child in us wants to reach out and grab.

    Thank you Lord_K.for creating this portfolio.

    Postscript:Besides building aircraft, Bristol also built the finest, and one of the fastest race-cars the world has ever seen. The words it brings to mind is character, vintage, competition and beauty. It is the 1953 Bristol 450 Competition Coupe.

  • lord_k

    To John L. Sands:

    But of course!

  • Alex Bolado

    Sleek, though I wouldn't want to ride in one.