Sunday Streamline #16: Union Pacific Forty-Niners

Union Pacific's Omaha Shops shrouded two locomotives in 1937.

The 7002 4-8-2 Mountain locomotive was built to pull heavy passenger trains over the Rocky Mountains, with massive 6-foot wheels driven by 4,000 horsepower.

The 2906 was one of 10 P-13 Pacifics built for the UP by Baldwin in 1920.

They were shrouded primarily to serve as relief power for the dieselized Cities streamliners between Omaha and Ogden or Denver.

Pacific 2906 (above) and Mountain 7002 (below) served between 1939 and 1941 on the Forty-Niner, a heavyweight, all-Pullman streamliner departing five times a month from Chicago to San Francisco, site of the Golden Gate Exposition.

The locos bore UP's prewar streamliner colors of Armour Yellow, Leaf Brown, and Scarlet.

The 7002 ended its spectacular 32-year career as a rescure engine for stalled locomotives. Here it is in its days of glory:

One more shot of the 2906:

And a 7002 model:


Headline image by Mark Desobeau