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JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Smooth Criminal

Rain ticked on the window.The stack of wax Coltrane spun, a Love Supreme indeed.The whiskey burned the back of the throat.Or maybe it was the pull on the Lucky.Appropriation has its place, driven by avarice.In the deep part of the night, it’s all or…
Jun 19, 2014
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Tabernacle of Pain

You hear those chains a-rattlin'?I do.Yeah, they want to bring you over to the other sideHave you done what you came here to do?Have you made your mark?Or has this burned and black earth smeared you?Too many folded hands.Too many jammed hammers.Too…
Jun 6, 2014
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

No Witnesses

I don’t want witnesses, she said.Now, that’s not really the sort of opening line you wan to hear when a dame walks into your office.Especially a dame in a mink coat. And it’s the summer.Witnesses to what? I asked.Nevermind that. We’ll get to it.She…
May 10, 2014
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Tie One Off

Either you’re ready or you’re not.Decide.Right now.The only currency we have in this bankrupt world is to be honest and unmerciful.We wait for the silence that never comes,And we keep on livin’ out of sheer habit.Time is now to tie this off.© Mark…
Apr 18, 2014
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

A Terrible Notion Of Duty

Well, yes, the plane did take off.That plane... yes, well, it wasn’t in the air long.And yes, Rick and Captain Renault were indeed friends.But, again, not for so long. See, I had a job to do.We all did.The war was on, you know. We all had a terrible…
Mar 28, 2014
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Vengeance Has A Name

So… is it safe?What, is this a movie?You know what I mean.Baby, don’t worry about it. It’s safe.So, Who’s he, why’s he standing there like that?Don’t worry about him.But I do worry. Can he hear what we’re saying?Don’t worry about him.I just want to……
Mar 16, 2014
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Winter's Perdition

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…The wind howls outside, rattling this old, drafty house.Snow starts to fly.Yeah, maybe somewhere chestnuts are roasting, NKC.Me, I got a rocks glass of rye, and some cold hash to finish.Yuletide carols, being sung…
Dec 14, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Sol Invictus

It’s that’s time of year again isn’t it?The short days seems to run long into the deep night.The cold air gets inside us, chills the bones.You turn your collar up and button up your flogger tighter.The year is running down, looking to be born…
Dec 7, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Bitter Little Words

I was born of the word.The thoughts, ideas, emotions flowing from my brain, down the tendrils of my nervous system, and out like a rushing black river through my fingertips.Bleeding on the keys.The bitter little words of darkness and trouble.The…
Nov 23, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Whiplash Redemption

Ashes to ashes,Dust to dust.Everything dies, baby.Both the wicked and the just.That’s a true little ditty, ain’t it?The question is, what do you do with that time between the cradle and the pine box.Are you a productive member of society…Or are you…
Nov 15, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

This Mortal Coil

Life is funny, right?Gotta watch your step every inch of the way or you’re liable to fall in a ditch.Lead with your chin, and you’ll take one in the kisser.Lead with a length of smooth lead pipe…well, that has it’s consequences as well.You gotta…
Nov 2, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Passage To Perdition

The silver felt heavy by her side.Not thirty pieces.The silver .38 snub nose, with the pearl handle, in her purse.Never have had to use it, but you never know.Sure,the dame has tried to go straight.As straight as the seams on the back of her…
Oct 25, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Blood Luck

Good luck, bad luck, hard luck.Know what luck is?Luck is what you make of it.It’s not about four-leaf clovers and silver coins.It’s about trusting those around you, and making your own way.You may lean on Fortune’s cane for much of your ride,But…
Oct 11, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

These Small Hours

The city cooled its heels down below.People skittered along like ants with a crumb of bread on their backs. Taxi horns let out yelps of indignation.It was that time of the day when one clock was winding down, and another started to tick.The gamblers…
Sep 27, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

Last Prayer

All around, the rain beats down.You try to bury your memories but it doesn’t work.Bonne chance, she said.No luck involved here.Trust none of what hear,And less of what you see.Luck is what you make of it.If you wait for it, it’ll turn out bad.It…
Sep 13, 2013
JerseyStyle Photography posted a photo

The Price You Pay

The bones have stopped rattling against each other in your fist,You’re ready to shoot those dice.You’ve gassed and oiled up your heap.Those big fat bootlegger tires are ready to squeal and smoke.You’ve kissed that pretty little baby of yours one…
Aug 23, 2013

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