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What about the Timeline?
26 Replies

Hi there Dieselpeople!I am a great fan of both Steampunk and Dieselpunk; in my country (Italy) I'm trying to promote our beautiful culture by founding the first Italian Dieselpunk page and group.And…Continue

Tags: steampunk, timeline, timespan, victorian, period

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cap'n Tony Jan 23, 2013.

Dieselpunk Italian Manifesto presents... International DP Day - Italia -
1 Reply

Hello there Dieselpeople!!!Your Italian fellows want to show their support about the upcoming celebration on November 12th.…Continue

Tags: international, day, event, italy, italian

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cap'n Tony Nov 13, 2012.


Propaganda-mode ON.

Just another spiritual form of life surfing along the material experience and trying to realize the Opus at its best.

I love Art, Literature, Alchemy, war machines, historical intrigues, doom metal, rock n roll, swing, electro, Marlene Dietricht and military pin-ups style... dreaming about a world that could have been... and never was. And never will come back.



Visit my blog - new automatic translator now implemented (from Italian to English, French, German - I know automatic translation is a little bit, uhm, badly rough but at least my fellows around the world will understand something of my delirium) !!!



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At 4:29am on June 9, 2011, John Picha said…



"Anyway I love to explore foreign curiosities and peculiarities"
then check this one out
my country is a very strange place. i'll keep my eye our for more examples.

At 4:29am on June 9, 2011, John Picha said…



yes we see if we can figure out how to get pandora driving the streets of milan sometime this summer.
--"Did you know of the Comunis?"no this was new to me thanks for sharing.
--"have you ever heard of the Celts?"
yes the celtic history i do know about it, i just always for get to include them with italian history. i think somewhere along the way we are all related through celtic blood. like one big happy savage family. ha ha/
this is a milano mint, ha ha.
"Have you got anything similar in your country, across your local traditions?"
there are so many divisions in america it ridiculous. for example there are two baseball teams in chicago, the white sox and the cubs. and the fans for each seem to hate each other. it sounds like hyperbole but i'm telling the truth. they sell 'i hate the cubs' or 'sox' and people wear them to start problems. it's actually kind of sick. 
the religious distinctions are crazy to. did you know there are something 30,000 different derivatives of christianity alone? none of them believe exactly the same thing, but they all think their view of got is right and all the others are wrong. if you think about it there is more atheism in christianity than any other group on the globe. 
another one of my favorites is the dumb people in the US are proud to be dumb and hate smart people when they try to explain things to them. we are full of "American Idiots." now i dont mean dumb like they don't know they can't name all of the US presidents, or arent good at physics. i mean they are so dumb some aren't really sure they believe that the world is round. so little brain power that if they stomped on a nail and it came through their foot, it would take 10 to 15 minutes for the brain to interpret the pain alert coming from the nerve as a problem.

At 4:29am on June 9, 2011, John Picha said…


ok now i'm catching up.
here are my next litter of responses.
let me address this europe texas misconception first. in the US, no one outside of texas, really cares that much about texas. but people in texas only care about texas many of them claim to want to be their own country.
you said you learn about the US through tv and movies and i'm trying to think which ones are the closest to reality. it's certainly not reality tv.
if you've ever seen the tv show "Roseanne" i think that's probably the most honest portrayal of what we deal with day to day basis and how we deal with it. the other one that comes to mind, as crazy as it may sound is Buffy the vampire slayer. all the monsters on that show are really metaphors for other things. but it's very honest portrayal of the human condition in the US following a people as they go from kids to adults.
"The cosmopolitan world is destroying the monads."
it might try to, but it wont work. especially thanks to the web. for example we are two individuals have a one to conversation from across the globe.

At 3:33am on June 9, 2011, John Picha said…



fire and earth together conjure up images of violent creating at a celestial level. they are the strongest and warmest of the elements. or they could be the the most stable and volatile. the most serene and erratic. maybe this is an ancient clue to bipolar disorder, ha ha.
ok here is my summation.
the figure is a capable person who was burned or hurt  by something. she will no longer allow herself to be vulnerable. so now she is using her intellectual skills to sort of the array of information in conflict. or to protect herself so it doesn't happen again. she know herself, but is having difficulty with things outside of herself that she cant control. this all seems like a healing mission.
ta da.
if you send me the decoded words on the large disk, i will ad them into the mix. 

don't worry, i will respond faster next time.

At 3:33am on June 9, 2011, John Picha said…



now onto the symbols for more clues.
i'm not sure if these symbols have unique meanings in the US and italy, but symbol of mercury an the triangular symbol of venus each have sexual meaning here in the US. the triangular symbol of venus identifies lesbians. and the symbol of mercury identifies bisexuals. there placement between the character on ether side of the figures head could mean she it trying to pick between them. or maybe that is who she it fighting off.
from myth, mercury was a messenger and he carried his caduceus so it seems like there is a likely connection there. mercury can also represent the intellect, inventiveness and good communication skills.
the asclepios is usually associated with medicine. and since this is n the top dead center i would assume that this if of the highest priority, highest value to the figure. so i think she is a person of medicine or a healer.
the triangles can also be very ancient symbols of sexuality. the triangle facing up is masculine, the triangle going down is feminine. i know that when these symbols are brought together they represent creating. if you the all the sexuality symbols together with the placement of the clocks, it could mean that the figure is not sure about her sexuality, but wants to get pregnant, or the opposite. since the triangles are apart maybe we are talking  about failed act of creation that the figure is defensive about.
the split triangles i had to look up.
the split triangle pointing up is fire.the split triangle point down is earth. (unless your using it in computers then it means offline data storage, but i'm guess that we're looking at a more ancient message.

At 3:32am on June 9, 2011, John Picha said…


hello again,
I finished my next book. And i am very excited about it. it's not a pandora story it's something new. I am about to dig into the artwork for that soon.
sorry it took so long to get back to you about your artwork, but believe me i've been thinking about it. also i will pretend that i don't know anything as i draw conclusions about the image ready? here we go.
As an professional artist, and a laymen puzzle solver here is how i would decode this visual mystery.

The position of the main figure looks to me like she is protecting herself. it looks like she it blocking a blow from some thing. she is  confident and capable. The other thing i find interesting is that only the third eye is visible. Which leads to believe that she has some sort of heightened sense or knowledge that allows her to see a threat that may not be visible by a normal person. or she has special knowledge.
also the figure looks sensual as well as strong.
the two dials underneath seem to be a code, but i can read the words well enough to translate them. They look like two intersecting clocks that might offer a significant time and date for an event related to the cat. or the figure or situation is born of those dates times and events. also the placement of the dials seems to be right over a "special place." but with out knowing the words on the larger clock i can only guess at the meaning. 
since it says the temet nosce and the title 'is who am i' this image seems to be presenting the answering 'who you are.' by the figure i would say you are a strong sensuous woman who is capable of protecting herself. and you see things slightly differently than a 'normal' person.

At 3:03am on May 25, 2011, John Picha said…

-- 2d drawing

Your figure drawing strategy sounds interesting. For myself, I construct everything, similarly to the way Andrew Loomis works. As far as my "old-style" work. I draw things before i build them in 3d. I try and figure out as many problems as i can in 2d then scan it in to the computer to use as templates for 3d. 

There is some of my old traditional work, on my website. Here are the links if you're curious... http://www.takejohn.com/box_sketch.html

The only current 2d work I have laying around, is in my sketchbooks. My final work is all done on the computers. The mac was a power siren seductress when i first encountered her. The more i play with her the more I realize that in trapped in her thrall. ha ha

-- Temet Nosce

The other day i remembered that Pandora actually references that phrase during in a key part of her story. Interesting coincidence. Actually that may be synchronistic, now that i think about it.

-- the "who am i" drawing.

I'll get to that in my next letter. It will probably be an in- depth, 5-chuck report on it's own. ha ha 

personal art is usually the most interesting.


Also if you want to switch to regular email instead of the this restrictive messaging system, please feel free to do so... but don't feel pressured to do so. 




At 3:01am on May 25, 2011, John Picha said…

-- John's Italian knowledge

Let me give you a list a sample of my knowledge of Italy. This is just off the top of my head. Ready?

the Renaissance

the country is shaped like a boot.

Great food (not including pizza)Pizza is an americanized dish even though it has italian origins.

the Medici







Romulus and Remus

the Sopranos (I put this in for a joke)

Danger: Diabolik


Small cars ride very low to the ground

Roberto Benigni's movies "the monster" and "life is beautiful"

Bertolucci's movie "the Conformist"

I think Princess is Principessa in Italian

Population around 60 million

the black plague hit there and very, very long time ago. I hope that's all Cleared up by now.

Grow grapes

currently embracing solar power

member of the EU

there is a place called Milan there, but I don't know if the popular American Cookies, "Milano Mints" come from there or not.

Rome has big old building. Inside one Lions ate people during football games or something.

And didn't some sailor from there discover America or something like that? i can't remember...

Oh and visitors from an American "reality show" are currently infecting your culture. Please don't send them back. Do they still banish people to Sicily?

Ok that's from the top of my head, but I'm sure it covers the entirety of your countries rich history. ha ha

If i make any more Italian errors out of blind cultural ignorance. Please correct me so i don't inadvertently spark an international incident. If you want to know anything about the America, just ask. I will try to give you  the most entertaining answers i can...

At 2:58am on May 25, 2011, John Picha said…
italian sister,
I'm taking a break from my latest project. It trying trying to wrap up the next ebook. It's not about Pandora, it new thing. Actually i really enjoy working on it. It's like putting together a giant mental puzzle, and I'm very close to the solution. I'll tell you all about it once it's done. 
Ok enough about that now, let just talk. ha ha.
I'm going to run through all the topics we've been discussing and hopefully pick right up where we left of.
-- Your 3d work.
I liked the 3d figure featured on the site you sent me. Especially the way you handled the nose. You showed some serious modeling skills! I especially like the way you handled the nose. What program did you use to build the character?
If you can build a person in 3d, you can build anything. All it takes is some planning before you get started. 
-- starting a million things
i think all creative people are like this. I wouldn't worry about it though. You obviously have put a lot of effort into you blog. The results speak for themselves. Plus it also sounds like you've got a lot going on with college. That's about the biggest project anyone can ever work on. Once you're done with school things may seem different. The pace will slow down, and you'll have more time to focus on personal project.
-- Milan vs Rome
I didn't know there was a rivalry between the north and south. yes the rivalry between the the north and south does sound primitive. how bad is it? we had situation like that in the United State in the late 1800's. it didn't turn out too good. The folks in Tennessee and deeper south are still sore about it. ha ha
the reason I made rome a target for Pandora's Drive was mostly because Rome is a seat of power. And those in power are her favorite targets.
At 7:47pm on May 23, 2011, John Picha said…

Welcome to the Pandora Driver team!


I just wanted to pop out a quick reply to your message, but I will create a more detailed response to the points we've been talking about in a follow up. I've been trying to wrap up something that been consuming a lot of my brain space. In fact, I think I may have blown a lobe.


Once that's done you will get a traditional series of "info Chunks" from me.


Also, I'm in no hurry to start the italian translation of Pandora, so sometime in summer sounds like the a good time to me. It should be fun! 




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