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Everything in a Snap Shot

I guess this is an informal 411 on Jake Holman (aka Kev from Boston.) I am an unabashed lover of history (three history tomes for every non-fiction book.) Plop down a book on the Middle East and I will devour it. Have an interesting hardcover on an obscure facet of the Abrahamic faiths, I will read it in a night. And dare drop a book on World War II at my feet I will read it so thoroughly I will leave the pages smoking from my frenzied consumption.

It's been said I am one part Steve McQueen from Sand Pebbles and another part Lee Marvin from the Dirty Dozen. Passionate Red Sox fan, tireless defender of the Bay State and a man that's never seen a cup of coffee or pint of beer that he didn't love.

Oh, and, I am actually a veteran newspaper journalist (reformed,) freelance writer and finder of a newly rekindled love for the art of pulpy action stories (think Robert E. Howard meets Alan Moore.)

~ I am either a writer with drinking problems or a drinker with writing problems~
Brendan Behan

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Soviet Assault Dart Gun

Posted on February 25, 2015 at 11:30am 1 Comment

Through the history of modern small-arms development the concept of ultra-high velocity ammunition has risen to the top of designers in both East and West. An example of the ultra-high velocity ammunition is the flechette.

A metal dart, the flechette is often sabotted in single rounds to be fired out of individual rifles. More beastly variants are container rounds-…


ZH-29: Czech's angled barrel rifle

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 2:00pm 3 Comments

The annals of small arms designs are filled with near perfect, odd and/or unsuccessful weapons. The Czech tradition of innovative small arms designs began in the early 20th century and continues to this day. In the 1920s, however, there was a semi-automatic rifle that should have received more attention, the ZH-29.

A well-made rifle, the ZH-29 came with…


Japan's Three Barreled Flare Gun

Posted on February 27, 2013 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

The Japanese Nambu Type 90 flare gun is one odd looking pistol. Weighing in at almost four pounds, the Nambu flare gun was designed for the Japanese Imperial Navy. Called the Type 90 (for the Japanese calendar year it was created) it was a 28mm flare gun.

There are four different levers and controls on this simple…


One Big Gas Gun

Posted on February 13, 2013 at 2:00pm 1 Comment

The Manville is one heck of an angry looking gun. If you've seen the Christopher Walken classic, Dogs of War, you've seen this gun's cousin. But in the 1930s a machinist had an idea for a large capacity gas gun for use by police during riots.

The Manville essentially is a large revolver, that was born in 1936 as a 12 gauge riot gun. designed to arm police and…


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At 2:07pm on May 1, 2011, Doug said…

A fellow member, Tome Wilson, suggested you may be of help in my quest for information on the Colt Vickers 11 mm aircraft machine gun, model 1918. There is precious little online that relates to its air use. What I can find is more about the .303 or the ground-use application or converting the 11 mm for ground-use.

I'm in Canada and recently acquired a deactivated Colt Vickers  and it's a little out of my league as I collect flintlock and cap and ball pistols. I don't even know what half the parts are, who used this gun and on what planes. About now you may be wondering why I bought this gun...well it's a Colt, it has history, it may have come off of a WW1  fighter plane like a Sopwith Camel or a Spad XIII, the price was right and you can't help but admire the enginerring that went into it.

Every site I visit gives me a snippet of information but the next one contradicts the previous findings. Many are well meaining  but unsuppored opinions. Do you know where I can find schematics to identify the parts? Are the brass gears (on the left side) part of the Constantinesco sychronizing gear?  Who used the gun?  I know the RAF used the Vickers .303 and I've learned the 11 mm was needed for incenduary reasons but there is no refernce to them using the Colt to meet the 11 mm need. The French used the 11 mm but here again I can find no direct evidence that they used the Colt Vickers 11 mm. The only info I can find about use by the U.S. concerns a maverick balloon buster ace who had his ground crew mount one on his plane but it seemed like an exception.

I shouldn't have gone into all this detail and I guess it's to demonstrate the everending list of dead ends I've encountered for two weeks. I'm looking for any information about this gun as well as the history as it directly relates to its use as an air weapon.

Thanks, Doug














At 6:30pm on October 28, 2009, lord_k said…
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