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Miskatonic Monday - The Color Out of Space on BluRay

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the "weird" fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

BrinkVision, the independent distributor behind the releases of films such as Sonno Profondo and Tin Can Man, have announced that they will be releasing a limited edition Blu-ray H.P. Lovecraft’s The Color Out of Space on July 7th, 2015. The indie horror…


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Pilsner Presents Some Sonic Firecrackers— It's the July Picks!

Some fireworks that are very old can still pack a wallop! So please stand back while I light the fuse on the July edition of Pilsner's Picks. Included this month is a rare, late electrcal recording by John Philip Sousa's marching band. "The March King" began recording on Edison cylinders back in the 1890's, and most of his records were made in the very low-fi acoustical format that was the industry standard until 1925. Then, the new electrical recording method was perfected, and it…


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Live Event - Jazz Age on the Delaware - August 1st

Jazz Age on the Delaware

It's official. I'm on the event board for The Glen Foerd House in Philadelphia, which means I now have access to a Gatsby mansion. Mission accomplished!

My first event at the mansion will be on August 1st, and it'll be a ragtime Roaring Twenties blowout called "Jazz Age on the Delaware." We're welcoming everyone with an interest in the 1920s to attend, with a special nod to the dieselpunks and steampunks in the crowd.…


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Rob Zombie to direct biopic about Groucho Marx

Rob Zombie is ready to expand beyond the horror genre. Zombie and Miranda Bailey have acquired the rights to Steve Stoliar’s memoir Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House. Love & Mercy co-writer Oren Moverman will write the screenplay and Zombie is attached to direct. Cold Iron Pictures’ Miranda Bailey and Amanda Marshall are producing along with Zombie and Andy Gould.

Groucho Marx

The book tells…


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Make your own Shadow Radio

Several years ago I ran across a Majestic Charlie McCarthy Radio at an antique store. It was a midget radio with a plastic, or more likely bakelite moulded image of Charlie. They also did models featuring the Lone Ranger and Rudolph. Today each of those radios could bring up to $500- $1,000 at auction, maybe more depending on condition.…


Added by Scott on June 15, 2015 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Industrial-Strength Pilsner's Picks Is Back!

Now listen up, all you Red-Hot Mamas and Finger-Poppin' Daddies, old Pils is back with a full stack of twelve sizzlin' platters, after that short playlist and short run last month due to some internet hoo-hah that's better off forgotten. The Virtual Victrola is all wound up and has a brand-new tungsten needle, so get ready to croon into June!


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Napoleon Gas (1925)

Dear comrades,

I believe you may be familiar with a great soviet movie from the 1920s, but now you may enjoy it via youtube.

for those who won't bother, let me present some screenshots and synopsis (thanks to guys mentioned in this …


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Natalie Portman to star in 1930s horror movie based on Spiritualism

Natalie Portman and Lily Rose Depp, the daughter of actor Johnny Depp, will play spiritualist sisters in “Planetarium,” a 1930s-set drama to be directed by French helmer Rebecca Zlotowski (“Grand Central”).

Although plot details are kept under wraps, Zlotowski told Variety that the film follows the journey of sisters who are believed to possess the supernatural ability to connect with ghosts. They cross paths with a visionary French producer while performing…


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"The Late" Pilsner's Picks

No, don't worry, fans— the Man with the Jive is still alive! But thanks to the "sterling" customer service of AT&T's internet division, Pilsner's Picks is nearly a week late, and late for the very first time in its nearly fourteen-year history.

Since the playlist is only going to be up for three weeks rather than the usual four, I've only posted eight tunes rather than the regular twelve; there's no point in doing noise reduction and volume equalization on a full list, which…


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Miskatonic Monday - HP Lovecraft Inspirational Quotes

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the "weird" fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

This week, we're exploring the inspirational side of Lovecraft.

Do you have a special someone in your life who is addicted to inspirational quotes? Do they cherish their hopes and dreams so much that you find yourself barraged by an unending stream of cheesy Instagram-filtered memes in your…


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Dreamlike portraits of an engineer's daughter are among the earliest color photos

Mervyn O’Gorman photo 1

Mervyn O’Gorman (1871-1958) is best known as one of the greatest British engineers, and during WW1 was head of the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. O’Gorman was also known as an early pioneer of color photography, and was an artist in addition to his interest aeronautics. Many of his images are included in exhibitions referencing early color photography, including this dreamlike series of his daughter Christina using the Autochrome process in 1913. The…


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The Troubleshooter: The Most Dangerous Dame Giveaway

This gorgeous piece of art was already revealed by Stefan months ago, but here it is again for your viewing pleasure. I'm officially dubbing next month Mick Trubble Month. The sequel to New Haven Blues drops May 18, and there will be contests and giveaways in the time counting down to the release date. 

Get the full details at the blog post: …


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Miskatonic Monday - The Cask of Amontillado Barrel Tiki Mug

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the "weird" fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

When we think of Lovecraft, we often think of those who followed his footsteps into the unknown: Stephen King, Alan Moore, John Carpenter, Mike Mignola... the list could go on for pages. Today, we're looking back at one of Lovecraft's strongest influences, EA Poe, and how he is inspiring a modern day…


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Miskatonic Monday - Cthulhu Rises... for Jazz?

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the "weird" fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

This week, we're exploring the more musicial side of Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Rising

Dark and mystical, the nightmarish stories of famed horror author HP Lovecraft have been brought to life through Tui Award winning drummer/composer Reuben Bradley's latest jazz album "Cthulhu Rising," to be released…


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Ted Raimi is bringing radio horror back with style

Inspired by classic horror radio dramas of the 1930s - 1950s and his love for mixology, Ted Raimi has created Deathly Spirits, a new web series blending cocktail recipes with ghost stories.

Ted Raimi

Like a mix between Tales from the Crypt and Dieselpunks' own Cap'n's Cabaret, each episode of…


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In April, I'm Even More Foolish Than Usual— But Pilsner's Picks is Not!

I've got some great news for those of you who've been following Pilsner's Picks and are tired of all those old 1920's and 30's records— as of this month, I'm changing the format to a combination of rap, heavy metal rock, punk rock, and contemporary country music. It's about time that I got more modern, don't you think?



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Miskatonic Monday - HP Lovecraft's Library of Horror

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the "weird" fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

Swiss comic book artist Michael Zigerlig has a grand plan for an upcoming graphic novel series with some outstanding collaborators. The series, entitled H.P. Lovecraft's Library of Horror, is currently hard at work on its first full-color title, Call of Cthulhu.



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A Fistful of Nothing Turns 1!

To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the publishing of A Fistful of Nothing, the eBook edition is currently only $1 on Amazon! Snag your copy before the discount ends, as I'd naturally love even more feedback from the amazing retro-futurist community on the dieselpunk noir novel through…


Added by Dan Glaser on March 18, 2015 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Pilsner's Picks, On The March!

Okay, so I couldn't think of a better headline... anyway, it's March, so here are the March Pilsner's Picks. If Nat Shilkret's 1926 "Manhattan Serenade" sounds familiar to you, that's because it was later adapted as the musical score to one of the best Tom & Jerry cartoons, "Mouse In Manhattan" (1945). So if you're a classic Hollywood animation fan, you just might have heard it.


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Soviet Assault Dart Gun

Through the history of modern small-arms development the concept of ultra-high velocity ammunition has risen to the top of designers in both East and West. An example of the ultra-high velocity ammunition is the flechette.

A metal dart, the flechette is often sabotted in single rounds to be fired out of individual rifles. More beastly variants are container rounds-…


Added by Jake Holman Jr. on February 25, 2015 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

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