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Hey fellow lovers of the deiselpunk genre I wanted to introduce you to a great project we are creating which is going to be a comic book, animated series then eventual feature film. Set in the dark industrial city of Acropolis, a future city of Art Deco style and retro technical advancements, the characters of Acropolis who live in hope of a better life, discover that there is a master plot that works against them as people disappear into the Below and are never seen again.

Discover… Continue

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Swing And Sway, Into May— With Pilsner's Picks!

Spring is here, when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of... old records!

Well, what did you expect? I'm not such a young man any more. Anyway, here's the May edition of Pilsner's Picks.


Added by Pilsner Panther on May 2, 2018 at 7:54pm — 1 Comment

What Has The Easter Panther Got In His Basket?

You may have noticed that this year, April Fool's Day and Easter fall on the same day. I won't get into the the theological implications of this, but it's an excellent opportunity to resurrect some good old tunes, and I guarantee that none of them will lay an egg.

Yes, it's the April Pilsner's Picks!…


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Marching Along, At 78 R.P.M.

As March marches in like a March hare (but without any marching band music), it's time to march to a different drummer (or several of them). Yes, it's the March edition of Pilsner's Picks!


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Your Annual Valentine From The Ol' Panther

February has arrived; and with it, thoughts of love and romance bloom as Valentine's Day approaches. Do I hear the faint beating of Cupid's wings outside my window? No, it's probably just a pigeon, as usual.

In any case, as is our long-standing tradition, Pilsner's Picks presents a February bouquet of love songs. They range, as always, from the sublime to the ridiculous— and we leave it to the listener to decide…


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It's June In January...

With some hot music from Pilsner Panther! Happy New Year to all!


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Some Hot Music For Those Freezing December Days

As another year winds down, I wind up the old Victrola again— with the December edition of Pilsner's Picks!


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The Show Is Back On The Road Again - It's The November Pilsner's Picks!

Well, gang, when we last saw Pilsner Panther, he was lost in the trackless wastes of the internet, blinded by the lack of a monitor due to a power supply blowout— gadzooks!

So there was no October playlist, and I hadn't missed a single month since the Panther Brewing Company was launched way back in 2001, as a feature page on someone else's vintage comedy film website. Eventually, I spun it off on its own, which is boring old story that I don't care to go…


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Due To Technical Difficulties Beyond My Control...

Added by Pilsner Panther on October 10, 2017 at 12:58am — No Comments

Hot-Cha, Hotsy-Totsy, And Just Plain Old HEAT - It's The September Pilsner's Picks

Last month at this time I said that I was "sweating it it out," but that was nothing! Right now where I live, it's a hundred and eight degrees, breaking all existing local temperature records.

Panthers, however, are used to tropical and jungle climates, so I've still managed to perspire through preparing a September playlist. Some of these tunes might make you feel like shaking your jelly roll, but I'm just going to sit very still and drink some chilled…


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Sweating It Out With The August Pilsner's Picks

Pilsner's Picks has both delirium and hallucinations this month— which might have something to do with the consistent 90-degree days we've been having in this neck of the woods. In any case, here's some hot music to go with the hot weather.


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Declare Your Independence From Boring Modern Music With Pilsner's Picks!

We temporarily interrupt President The Donald's endless tweeting to present— the July Pilsner's Picks!

The ol' Panther hardly ever gets any requests, but recently there was one for Jimmy Durante, so the immortal Schnozzola is in the mix this month, along with the usual eclectic selections (or selectic eclections, if you prefer). "Hot cha cha cha cha!"


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THIS is Dieselpunk

It’s been a long time coming, my explanation of what “Dieselpunk” is and why it’s the most important genre of them all. And since I’ve been asked this question a lot, I have a lot of practice and because of the work I’ve done, I’ve become an accidental authority on what is, and what isn’t dieselpunk. I’ve been a dieselpunk long before there ever was a word “dieselpunk,” and I’ve seen many other names for it come and go along the way, too. But for now, since "Dieselpunk" is the name of…


Added by Eric Renderking Fisk on June 11, 2017 at 12:29pm — 1 Comment

Like the Phoenix: What's Old Is New Again

We got good news, great news... And some bad news. And then The Best News.

The good news is, Not much is going change. What you see here is pretty much what you're going to get when this continues when I take this over in a mere custodial mode.

Dieselpunks.org isn't MY site. I don't own it... I am merely the custodian of it.

Hopefully, you'll be able to view "Dieselpunks" two ways - via this URL or as thefedorachronicles.com/dieselpunks... the choice is…


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Some Tunes To Croon In The Month Of June, From The Ol' Panther

And now, the moment that at least half a dozen of you have been waiting for— presenting the June Pilsner's Picks! If you like slide whistles, snake charmers, stream line rhythm, and soft lights and sweet music, we've got 'em all. It's too tight!


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New Beginnings

"We come to beginnings only at the end." - William Throsby Bridges, World War 1 Australian Army Officer.

Dieselpunks.org has gone through some endings and beginnings over the last few years. A year ago Dieselpunk Founding Father and creator of Dieselpunks.org Tome Wilson ended his ownership. Yet, Dieselpunks.org had a new beginning as I picked up ownership from Tome and continued to operate the site for the past year. Now we come to a new ending as I end my ownership due to…


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Big News Coming!!!!

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Victory Day!

Let's have a toast to the victors, who ended the bloody war in Europe 72 years ago.

Allied nations were united in struggle, and we prevailed together.

Happy Victory Day, diesel-comrades!

Added by Komissar Hass on May 9, 2017 at 8:54am — No Comments

All Good Things…

So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending! - J. R. R. Tolkien

A year ago, I took ownership of Dieselpunks.org. It was this site, started by the Dieselpunk Founding Father Tome Wilson, that introduced me to Dieselpunk. Because of this I wanted to keep Dieselpunks.org going.

However, I’ve found that this site is expensive in both time and money. Therefore, I will not be renewing the web domain. As of May 21, 2017. Dieselpunks.org will be shutting…


Added by Larry on May 7, 2017 at 8:26pm — 7 Comments

Mayday! Mayday! It's The May Pilsner's Picks!

Since you've got to be modernistic, why not be modernistic with the May edition of Pilsner's Picks? After all, this ancient music was all very modern, once upon a time.

For example, John Kirby and his hot little combo were making Beethoven roll over, years before Chuck Berry did!…


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