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S.A.M. #72: Canadian V-planes

This is a Canadian Vickers-designed and built Velos:

Canadian Vickers Velos

The year 1912 marked the official beginning of Vickers in Canada and plans for shops, drawing offices, and the company's distinctive enclosed building berths were developed. 1913 was spent in site construction and by 1914 Vickers…


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Canadian Pacific Posters

A company once known as "world's greatest travel system" had a lot to advertise.

Homeward Bound by Canadian Pacific

Established in 1881, the Canadian Pacific Railway quickly evolved into a business empire. Their activities stretched far beyond the railroads: the CPR operated steamships and hotels, telegraph services and radio stations, and, quite naturally, an…


Added by lord_k on September 24, 2012 at 6:30am — 8 Comments

Sunday Streamline #66: Canadian Power

They are back again, those streamliners, with a classic Peter Ewart poster:

Peter Ewart. Travel Canadian Pacific

You don't have to guess the make - it's THE Royal Hudson, Canadian Pacific Class H1d #2850. A semi-streamliner, like a lot of its contemporaries used by the same railway.  And before we see it again, let's take a quick look at some slightly…


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Canadian WWII Posters (2)

Some more examples of Canadian war propaganda brought to us by Mr. Malon in his fabulous photostream:

(Anonymous illustrator)

We already ran two batches of Canadian war art - Posters and…


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Knights of the Air: Canada's Best

Most decorated Canadian WWI hero, William G. Barker was a person of outstanding bravery and skill.

The son of Mrs. George Barker, of Rathwell, Manitoba, William George Barker left high school in Dauphin to enlist in the Canadian Mounted Rifles in December 1914. He spent eight months in the trenches before he received a commission in the Royal Flying Corps in April 1916. After starting out as a mechanic, he qualified as an observer in August 1916 and…


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S.A.M. #14: Norwegian Beauty

Probably the most gorgeous military floatplane ever built.

I've got scores of ultra-Dieselpunk aircraft up my sleeve: ugly, weird, almost impossible... But this weekend, resuming my duties after a prolonged vacation, I'd better share with you some great looks - along with an unusual story. Meet Jack Northrop's beauty!…


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Canadian WWII Posters

Some wartime propaganda in English and French:

1941-42. Artists: A.E. Cloutier and Eric Aldwinkle

Just like the previous set, these posters are brought to us by Paul Malon in his wonderful Flickr…


Added by lord_k on March 1, 2011 at 6:30am — 5 Comments

One Man, Three Weapons

Historically the sniper has been portrayed as a lone wolf, edgy and odd, living on the periphery of battle and comradeship. Able to calmly remove another human being from the ranks of the living with one shot. Yet for each war there have been heroes, snipers whose skills transcend the nagging…


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Christmas Gifts

Warning: Golden Era advertisements can seriously harm your health!

So if you're afraid of tobacco, booze and petrol lighters - don't look inside. Forewarned is forearmed, you know.…


Added by lord_k on December 23, 2010 at 7:00am — 5 Comments

Canadian WWII Art & Ads

Today, a small collection of magazine covers, posters, propaganda and commercial ads, mostly from Paul Malon's wonderful Photostream:…


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This strange vehicle rolled out of Shorpy almost two months ago:

"According to "The Golden Years of Trucking" published by the Ontario Trucking Association in 1976, this was a gas-electric four-wheel-drive truck built by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Co. of Windsor, Ontario. It had an electric motor on each wheel, was 20 feet long and had an 81-inch track. The four cylinder engine produced 20 HP. The… Continue

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This is why Canada lost the war.

Americans have Uncle Sam

Brtions have Uncle Mustache…


Added by Tome Wilson on September 17, 2010 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

Sean Carney's DIY Weather Clock

In an inspired bit of computer brilliance, Canadian Sean Carney has built a clock... that tells the weather.

While most of us would simply open a window to tell if it's raining, the weather in Winnipeg, Manitoba can get a bit fierce at times. And plus, it's just cool.

Currently the two settings that can be changed online are the hours that the clock will update between (so I don’t hear the motors working late at night) and whether the temperature hand shows the ambient… Continue

Added by Tome Wilson on January 18, 2010 at 5:00pm — 3 Comments

Lord K's Garage - 9th Issue. TRUCKS GO TO WAR

Some of them are ugly or even scary. But it's not a question of aesthetics. They worked. They fought. They won.

1943 Dodge T207

Enjoy the slideshow:

Find more photos like this on Dieselpunks

Or browse the… Continue

Added by lord_k on October 30, 2009 at 5:00am — 2 Comments

Dieselpunk Era Liners

Modern cruise ships are incredibly large, luxurious and comfortable, but charm is not their strong side. Interwar era liners are charming. Here's a short review. Let us begin with the German advertisement for the Norddeutscher Lloyd (c. 1930):

In the middle there is S.S. Columbus, originally named Hindenburg. Launched in 1914, she made her maiden voyage only in 1924:

Her sister ship was ceded to to Great…


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