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S.A.M. #69: Pander Postjager

It took a unique trimotor to deliver your Saturday Air Mail.

Pander S-4 Postjager 2

The Pander S.4 - known also as Postjager and Panderjager- was a very stylized Dutch trimotor designed by Theo Slot that first flew in 1933. It was built by the furniture company Pander & Zonen as a high speed mail plane, intended for…


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S.A.M. #65: Whales Can Fly

This Saturday, your air mail is brought to you by a flying boat called "Wal" (Whale) and designed by no other than Claudius Dornier.

Dornier Do J II Wal

The Do J was a fairly modern (compared to World War I types) flying boat with a high-mounted strut-braced monoplane wing. Two piston engines were mounted in tandem in a nacelle above the wing and…


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S.A.M. #11: Diesel Mail

Fast transatlantic mail and diesel engine... Do they go together? You bet!

From the foundation of the company in 1933 until World War II, the most important aircraft built by Blohm und Voss was the Ha 139, two of which - the Nordmeer and Nordwind - were delivered to Deutsche Luft Hansa in 1937. Today, the Saturday Air Mail is proud to present the…


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S.A.M.#1: U.S. Air Mail, 1918

There's no need to retell the story of "Inverted Jenny":

The stamp is the most famous error in American philately. The biplane is Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, also famous. But do you know that the first air mail bags were flown to the wrong direction? Yes, Army Lt. George L. Boyle who was selected to pilot aircraft #38262 on the first Northbound flight (from…


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People's Radio

"The radio will be to the twentieth century what the press was to the nineteenth"

- Josef Goebbels, 1933.

The German Volksempfänger (People's Radio), VE 301 radio was Launched at the Tenth German Radio Fair in August 1933, the model number represented the day on which Hitler had taken power in January that year. Its Bakelite case was designed by Walter Maria Kersting…


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The Teletype Story

Teletype, together with radio and air mail, are the most important means of communication introduced before the advent of Diesel Era but developed and perfected in the Interbellum. It doesn't enjoy iconic status like pneumatic mail. But it has a tremendous effect of presence. Anyone who begins a research of Dieselpunk roots will hear the teletype rattle sooner or later.…


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Pneumatic Mail, Part 3

This is the last chapter of our tube mail saga.

After a Steampunk-flavored historic overview and an inevitable "How does it work?" article, it's time to concentrate on pneumatic communications of the Diesel Era and also on the part played by these glorious tubes in fiction, Utopian and… Continue

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Pneumatic Mail, Part 2

Of all FAQs regarding tube mail the most frequent is: "How does it work?" Let us see.

The best example is the tube system in the capital of Czech Republic. The Prague pneumatic post (Pražská potrubní pošta) is the world's last preserved municipal pneumatic post system. It is an underground system of metal tubes under the wider… Continue

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Pneumatic Mail, Part 1

Pneumatic post aka tube mail or pneumatic mail is a system to deliver letters through pressurized air tubes.

It was envisaged in 17th century by Denis Papin, French physicist and mathematician who also invented the pressure cooker. Two centuries later the idea has been materialized by the Scottish engineer William Murdoch in the 19th century and was later developed by… Continue

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Lord K's Garage - #63. 1935 Morris Minor 15cwt GPO Special

In 1935, a blue streamline car was built for the British Post Office to promote air mail.

A special fleet of Royal Mail vans was introduced in June 1930 to handle and advertise the new Air Mail service. Special letter boxes were provided in various locations around the UK. Both these boxes and the new vans were painted blue.

Eight Morris Minor vans were introduced for collection duties and…


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Delivered by Zeppelin

LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin carried not only scores of passengers but also tons of mail. Zeppelin postcards and covers were prized by collectors from the first day. It's not a secret that thousands of letters were delivered (and usually returned to sender) only for sake of a special postmark or two.

During the Golden Age of Zeppelin lots of theme stamps were issued not only by German Mail, but also by the states that never had a dirigible of… Continue

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