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Sunday Streamline #55: Flying Turks

There are two trains on a photograph taken at the old Ankara depot and published in 1955: one (left) has got a distinctive postwar look, the other (right) is more rounded, surely coming from Diesel Era.

Looks are deceptive. The "postwar" train was designed and built during WWII, and its streamlined brother was introduced in early 1950s. Both were based on prewar concepts, as we…


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Sunday Streamline #54: Who Cries For You, Argentina?

Where do I begin?..  Should we take a narrow gauge or a broad 'Indian' one? There are five main gauges in Argentina, you know.

At least two of these gauges - 1000mm and 1676mm (5 ft. 8 in.) once had streamliners running on them. In 1934, Buenos Aires Western Railway received one British-built diesel electric 48-seat railbus, powered by an Armstrong-Saurer 6BXD 122hp engine. The…


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Sunday Streamline #53: 20th Century Victorians

One of the most stylish steam locomotive designs comes from Australia. It is the Victorian Railways S class:

The S class was the final design of the VR Chief Mechanical Engineer Alfred E Smith. Being VR's first three cylinder locomotive, it was influenced by Nigel Gresley's GNR A1 class 4-6-2 with its Gresley conjugated valve gear. The S class also showed…


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Sunday Streamline #52: The Royal Pacific

During their visit to France in 1938, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth proceeded from Calais to Paris in Pullman car hauled by a streamline locomotive:

The loco chosen for the Royal train was the SNCF 231C78, the one and only C-class Super Pacific fitted with streamline shrouding. Initially designated Nord 3.1280, it belonged to the third batch of the 231C…


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Sunday Streamline #51: Electric Eels

This shot was taken more than two decades ago:

The trainsets don't look outdated even today. But they were built before WWII. In the 1930s the Italian state railways, Ferrovie dello Stato, electrified the main line Milan-Bologna-Florence-Rome-Naples and needed a fast train to use on it and on other newly-electrified lines. The ETR 200 project was…


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Sunday Streamline #50: The Big T

The Pennsylvania Railroad Class T looked fast just sitting there.

In the twilight years of steam locomotive developement, the scale of the American main line engine was reaching epic proportions. Greater size and power meant stronger, heavier reciprocating machinery; increasing the destructive forces of weight imbalance and of pulsing thrust upon railroad plant.…


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Sunday Streamline #49: LNER A4 Class

Bold, beautiful and faster than anything steam-powered on Earth.

The story of the London and North Eastern Railway A4 Pacifics is brought to us by LNER Encyclopedia.

By the 1930s, the railways were beginning to see increased competition from road and air travel. It was clear that services between the…


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Sunday Streamline #48: Three, One, Two, Five

The streamliners are back again! This Sunday, our guest stars are diesel-motor units of NS, Dutch National Railroads.

They were a large and prosperous family. The first streamliner, Mat'34 (aka NS 27 or DE3 or DE III or Dieseldrie) was a three-car articulated unit, inspired by DRG…


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The Poet of Speed: Géo Ham

This French artist, aviator and race driver perfectly captured and expressed the Diesel Era spirit.

A range of opinions*:

  • "The most remarkable painter of the motoring world" (L'Automobiliste, Editions Maeght, December 1985)
  • "Among the poster artists of the interwar period, Géo Ham comes at the top of the pile and has…

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Sunday Streamline #47: Blackpool Balloons

No huge locos and mighty diesels today. Just some trams from Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.

Commissioned in 1933 by Walter Luff, the controller of the network, in a bid to modernise the tramway's fleet, the Balloons were intended to replace the Dreadnought cars that had been in service since the opening of the tramway. They were built by English Electric during 1934 and 1935,…


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Sunday Streamline #46: Mysterious Dutchmen

This will be a short one - more a query than an entry.

The locomotive pictured above is featured on Skyrocket.de (an excellent basic source of data on steam streamliners). It is designated as PO3 / 3800, one of the class of six built in 1936 for Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch…


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Sunday Streamline #45: Baltic Diesels

A piece of prewar aesthetics in postwar world:

Ten three-unit diesel-electric trains, designed before the war, were built in Hungary by Ganz motor- és vagongyár (Ganz engine and wagon factory) for Argentine Railways. Probably the class was inspired by German-built Chilean…


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Sunday Streamline #44: Northern Connection

With all due respect to steam power nothing is more Dieselpunk than a Diesel-motor unit.

Here's one, built by Société Franco-Belge for Compagnie des chemins de fer du Nord (Northern Railway Company) in mid-1930s. Powered by Maybach engines, and looking very similar to the famous…


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Sunday Streamline #43: German Whales

Rail Rockets are back! Signed, sealed, delivered. With an appropriate stamp:

The stamp was issued in 1935 to commemorate the German railroads centennial. It features a streamline steam locomotive of the new 05 Class (DRG Baureihe 05), designed by Adolph Wolf and built by Borsig works in Berlin-Tegel. The locos (there were only two of them in 1935) had 4-6-4…


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Dynamic Diesel

... for a dynamic world.

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Trains de Nuit

Night trains. In some places, they run all day.

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Sunday Streamline #42: The Crusader

Today, beautiful streamliners of the Reading Company:

The Reading inaugurated the Crusader on December 13, 1937 - a five-car trainset. Budd cars were built from stainless steel, with with a round-end observation car at each end of the streamliner. The Crusader operated between Jersey City and Philadelphia on a twice-daily round trip schedule.…


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Sunday Streamline #41: Pilsner Pacific

The one and only steam streamliner of the Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD) made its first appearance in 1936:

Probably it had a nickname but the archives know it only by its serial number: 386.001. And this number is a bit confusing: built in 1927 at Škoda works in Plzen (also known as Pilsen, the birthplace of Golden Lager) it initially belonged to 386 class, for some…


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S.A.M. #9: The Sky of Alexander Deineka

This mosaic, so full of joy and the "future-we-were-promised" spirit was created in 1942 for one of the Moscow subway stations.

Skies underground. This paradox can inspire a lot of philosophical ramblings, but philosophy is definitely not the point here. Today, the Saturday Air Mail is happy to present the aviation art of Alexander Deineka (1899 -…


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Sunday Streamline #40: Silver Charger

This proud member of the Burlington family is a class of its own.

We can call it a nephew of the famous Pioneer Zephyr and the big brother (or rather an uncle) of another celebrity, the Silver Pilot. Built two…


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