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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – April 2011 Archive (4)

Bren Gun: Icon of War and Pin Up Propaganda Pt. I

During the year of these weekly weapons features, the small arms designers of Czechoslovakia have time and again risen to the top as innovators in the field. And this week, the Bren Gun will be profiled, but this British weapon has its roots in Eastern Europe.


Like the FN MAG, the Bren gun is an…


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Deadly Soviet Phonograph: Degtyarev

I was watching the news from Libya last month and amid the cruise missiles and precision guided weapons, the rebel forces on the ground wielded any number of small arms, from pistol to large caliber. And amid the crowd, one rebel hoisted a weapon that immediately caught my eye, the Degtyarev machine gun. A weapon first…


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The Gimpy

When it comes to the FN MAG, nicknamed 'Gimpy' by the Brits and the Israelis wielding it are known as' Magists,' excellence means longevity on the battlefield. And after decades of vehicle mounting, even the United States got around to adopting the FN MAG for ground troops. When put up against more modern medium machine…


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Rifle of the French Airborne

Paratroopers possess a cache and collective bond no matter the nation or service. Look at their berets, pretty much every modern airborne force, no matter the nation, don the maroon beret as a sign of distinct and honored duty as airborne infantry.


As grunts who jump from perfectly good airplanes,…


Added by Jake Holman Jr. on April 6, 2011 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

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