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Jake Holman Jr.'s Article – September 2011 Archive (4)

Double Edge Death: From Police Weapon to Commando Symbol

Last summer we featured the Fairbairn combat smatchet, a fat bladed weapon that was one part axe, another part short sword. Designed by William E. Fairbairn it became a little known weapon in the inventory of British soldiers during World War II. Fairbairn would also design the now ubiquitous double edged dagger now synonymous of English commandos.




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UP in the Air: Aerial Mine of Great Britain

Whether mounted on ships or land, the UP rocket and projector was a novel and simple method of British air defense during World War II.

A barrage weapon, the UP (Unrifled Projectile) rocket was a barrage weapon system fielded on ships of the British navy as well as put into field emplacements- Z batteries- around England as part of the Home Guard defense…


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Japanese Barrage Mortar: Deny the Air

Last week we featured the Brandt compressed gas mortar, a surprisingly effective quirky weapon of World War I. Jump forward to World War II and we'll examine another odd mortar, this one fielded by the Japanese throughout the Pacific theater.


It was the Barrage Mortar, an uncomplicated piece of tube artillery with devastating aspirations beyond its simplicity.…


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Air Gun Goes Boom

On the modern battlefield, mortar teams load their hefty tube artillery at the muzzle and on the command, "Hang it, fire," the compact mortar round slides down the tube before exploding into the air.


The basic muzzle loaded mortar has been around for centuries, with few tweaks here and there. But it was during World War I when an unusual mortar was fielded by…


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