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Revolver Unusual

Revolvers, reliable and rugged. Essentially reaching their peak of development within the first 20 years of the first viable model, revolvers of the early 19th century through ones created of light-weight composites are pretty much identical. Except for one notable exception.

In the waning years of the 19th century Russia pistol designers saw the reliability of the…


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Italy's Flame Tank

Flamethrowers are gruesome, horrific weapons. All weapons can be deadly, but rare is the infernal device that achieves horror by its appearance on the battlefield. One such flamethrower was the Lanciafiamme modello 35, the Italian fire weapon of World War II.

Every nation of the Second World War fielded such flame weapons and for the most part they were backpack…


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Going to War with an Onion, Carrot and Goat

Breaching charges are increasingly used by military forces on battlefields around the world. A series of pre-shaped explosives, arranged in a way to blow a hole through or completely demolish a wall or vertical obstruction, breaching charges once exclusive to special operations forces are employed by infantry and Marines alike.

During the Second World War, when tank…


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Hand Grenade Tank Killer

The Soviet Union had one undeniable advantage over foes, no matter how desperate or woeful their position in war time, it had plenty of manpower. The ability of the Soviets to heave massive amounts of men into a battle, as wasteful as it was to human life, allowed the nation to stem or turn the tide in many a battle. This idea that men should be that final "weapon system" in…


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