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Upton Sinclair

My recent Economic Democracy blog entry begins:

The year was 1934 and the world was in the grip of The Great Depression. America had recently elected FDR, a progressive Democrat, for President in the hopes that he could save the country. But one man offered something different. Something radical. His name was Upton Sinclair.

I thought some here might find it interesting being that it involves diesel era history. The article is titled, "A… Continue

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Magic Motorways

Previously, Tome posted a several great articles on Futurama at the 1939 World's Fair. After the Fair Norman Bel Geddes published a book titled Magic Motorway, which included photos from the Fair and laid out his philosophy.

You can read the entire book at Archive.Org. It's available in multiple formats including scans of the actual book. Very interesting book and a very neat site.…


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Antique Roadshow PBS

I'm a big fan of Antique Roadshow on PBS. Last night's episode included an French Art Deco travel poster from the 1930's. It reminded me of Stefan's work and shows the quality of his art. You can see the poster, watch that segment and read the transcript here. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/archive/200906A39.html

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I just updated the Wiktionary (a part of Wikipedia). It had defined dieselpunk as:

A fictional genre in a setting where an advanced and modified society rely on diesel fuel as its primary resource, where nuclear technology and a 1920s to 1950s lifestyle and culture coexist.

It now reads:

A postmodern genre of art as well as a budding subculture that combines the aesthetics of the Interbellum… Continue

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RIP Lena Horne

Farewell to an intelligent, brave, beautiful and oh so talented lady. A true icon of the diesel era, Lena Horne.

Here's an excerpt from the Wiki article during the diesel era:

In the fall of 1933, Horne joined the chorus line of the Cotton Club in New York City. In the spring of 1934, she had a featured role in the Cotton Club Parade. A few years later she joined Noble Sissle's…


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I just learned of this book, which seems to speak to dieselpunk: "The Philosophy of Neo-Noir" edited by Mark T Conrad. Has anyone read it? I plan to buy it.…


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Dieselpunk Dr Who

Here in the States we're finally getting to see the Dr Who episode "Victory of the Daleks." According to the BBC:

The Doctor has been summoned by his old friend Winston Churchill but in the Cabinet War Rooms, far below the streets of blitz-torn London, he finds his oldest enemy waiting for him... The Daleks are back! And can Churchill really be in league with them?…


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Dieselpunk Wiki Article

This is a cross posting from the Dieselpunk group.

It seems to me that we need a good article dedicated to dieselpunk in

Wikipedia. Currently if you search the keyword "dieselpunk" in Wiki you

just get it as a derivative in the article "Cyberpunk derivatives:"


"Initially proposed as a genre by the creators of the role-playing…

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