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All four studios are major attractions of the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, each of them rivaling in audacity about their own pavilion designed by great names of the architecture of the era, the Primavera pavilion being built by no less than the Perret Brothers.…


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Primavera tells the story of a stunning artistic adventure spanning over six of the most creative decades about French Art Décoratifs.

In 1912, the department store "Au Printemps" in Paris is the first of its…


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A Modern Castle

In June 2015, the huge restoration project of the Villa Cavrois, a true French Art Deco architectural treasure listed as a historic monument in 1990 thank to citizen mobilisation and acquired by the State in 2001, has finally been completed.



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Dieselpunk Engagement

Anyone around planning to get married soon?

You're not? You may want to reconsider your decision once you will have watched this very Dieselpunk ring "work" on the video:…


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Colonial Paris

Although located downtown in Paris, the VIIIe arrondissement is considered one of the "new" districts of the French capital city. Mostly fields and gardens till the mid-XVIIIth century, along with the western part of Paris, it became a place for expansion of the city from the XIXth century. A place for tremendous real estate speculation, too: the newly designed lavish environment rapidly made the VIIIe district of Paris one of the most sought-after places…


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A wonderful piece of French Dieselpunk engineering...

...and the troubles about the use of it.

During the early thirties, the City of Paris decided to replace the old metallic Pont du Carrousel (Carrousel Bridge), one of the 37 bridges over La Seine, by a new one. The structure of the bridge, built in 1833, was now too low for the constantly increasing navigation over the river.…


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Arts Décoratifs. What else...?

It wouldn't be fair, I guess to end this very brief review of what Paris has to offer in the regard of Art Deco museums and exhibitions without mentioning the Musée... des Arts Décoratifs. Even though the location of this major national museum isn't exactly Dieselpunk style - it is set in the western wing of the Louvre Museum - the place provides a gorgeous frame to its extensive collections in the very heart of Paris downtown, literally one block away from the room where…


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Art Deco Paris

Paris has a love affair with Art Deco, well... since Art Deco exists. No wonder: it's not to brag it, but although the word was coined later, Art Deco - Arts Décoratifs - is originally very much a French thing. While many star creators and designers of the era came from various foreign countries, it is in the welcoming, artists friendly, very cosmopolitan Paris of the 20's and 30's they studied, perfected their skills and talents and met success, making Art Deco the trademark of…


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Paris for Dieselpunks

If there is a place in Paris anyone who calls himself a Dieselpunk can't ignore while visiting La Ville Lumière - sorry Tome, you've missed it the last time you saw Paris, to quote Mister Hammerstein! - it's the Musée des Années 30 (Museum of the Thirties). The Museum isn't actually located in Paris, but in Boulogne-Billancourt which is, however, immediatly next to Paris and very easy to reach by metro. Boulogne-Billancourt, it…


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The New Albion Trilogy

Lately, I've had the privilege to be asked to design a set of covers for albums of the "New Albion Trilogy", a set of operas by Paul Shapera, a very talented composer. The opus is basically about the story of the city of New Albion. A Steampunk Opera, a Dieselpunk opera... aren't they what the genres needed and fully deserved? Paul Shapera is busy making up for this gap with his New Albion Trilogy. Learn more about Paul's great work at:…


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Red-Eyed Killer


And speaking of red...

Here is the cover for the novel "Red-Eyed Killer", by Bard Constantine. "Red-Eyed Killer" is a prequel to "The Troubleshooter- New Haven Blues": http://micktrubble.jimdo.com/  Those who haven't read this masterpiece of Dieselpunk/Noir/Retrofuturism litterature by Bard…


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Soviet Star

For once, here is something that hasn't (completely) popped out my twisted imagination: this somehow funny looking, cartoonish train is based on a real train, a passengers DMU (Diesel Multi Unit) class ДП, which in russian is short for Дизель поезд (Diesel train). Built during WWII by the company Ganz Mavag in Hungary, a company known for building all kinds of…


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The Voice of Diesel City

Lots of things about Diesel City have seen said and written on these latest weeks, in lots of places, by lots of people. Sure enough, most of them were nice things, making me feel so very proud.

One voice was missing, though, the voice of someone who definitely has something to say about Diesel City. Someone I'm so happy and honored to have the name of bound up with the whole Diesel City project. Someone, though, who was never to give himself the credit for all his hard, wonderful…


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The Futurist Music of Machines

Right from his very first works in the mid-seventies, the French musician, writer and musicologist Jean-Marc Vivenza doesn't conceal the fact that he belongs to the both theoretical and political bond linking him to the Italian Futurist and Russian Constructivist movements. The propositions about formal, plastic noise from these two currents are the only theorical sources that haven't really been developed ever. Both a composer and a philosophe, Jean-Marc Vivenza actually calls his…


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Diesel City

I'm happy and proud to announce that a big, large book of texts and illustrations has just been published. It's titled, well... DIESEL CITY. The book has been in the making for quite a while and, apart from the pleasure of seeing it complete now, the main reason why I'm so happy and proud about it is that DIESEL CITY, right from the beginning and all the way till its completion, has been very much a "Dieselpunk family affair".

DIESEL CITY has the…


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The Devil's Hour

From my own personal collection of Noir films that never were but could have been, again, and even if the inspiration for this one is a little late to qualify for Dieselpunk, strictly speaking, I would like to dedicate it to Mister Pilsner Panther who enjoys Noir…


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The Troubleshooter

"The Troubleshooter is a blend of old and new genres that Bard Constantine coined 'dystopian noir'.  Part of the developing Badlands universe, it introduces Mick Trubble, a character Bard describes as "a blend of noir detective and hard boiled antihero, blended with a generous amount of sarcasm."

The story takes place in the dystopian city…


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Best Kept Secret(s)

"... She is more than happy to let her lady pistol do the talking for her. And when she starts talking, well... like a lot of dames, it's hard to shut her up again".

From Diesel City - Noir!

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The Cutting Edge

Cover for a novel loosely based on the life story of Eleanora Fagan, AKA Lady Day, AKA Billie Holliday 1915-1959.
A true icon from the Diesel era.

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China Noir

A couple of illustrations for covers of a novel in two parts. The action is set in Shangaï... the most Dieselpunk China town, like Lord K.…


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