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Still Plenty of Time to Get Your Swing On!

There's still plenty of time to get your swing on for March's Expo theme!


 It's Swingtime, baby! By the time March rolls around, we've all got cabin fever here in the Northern hemisphere, and if that puts ants in yer pants, the only thing you can do is dance. Music and dance are creative expressions, yet they're mathematics and mechanics…


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Exhibition: Gangsters

Greetings from the Athena Expo! The Hall of Gangsters is now open for your viewing pleasure. We've got some lovely art pieces for your enjoyment, and you can browse with the assurance that no actual gangsters were harmed in the making of this exhibit.


Come see our community talent here. The only coin we take is the coin of feedback, so be generous! :)

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Athena Expo: Winter Exhibitions

Well ladies & gents, the deep freeze is on, and I know you're all looking for some exciting reasons to fire up the Creativity engine.


How the Exhibition Works

Each Expo features a specific theme related to the Dieselpunk ethos and aesthetic. Create your masterworks of art, fiction, nonfiction, photography or other media (we welcome music, film, cosplay, video--anything you can display on a computer in some way!) for that… Continue

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"Welcome to the Machine" November/December Exhibition

Well, the current Expo in the halls of the Athena Exhibition got off to a rocky start. There we were, chugging along happily, when all of a sudden, I noticed a lot less of the robotic minions were coming in and out of the construction zone.

Sure enough, when I went to check on progress, I noticed several were down with some sort of malfunction--the big brains in the factory are calling it a "virus" and making like it's some sort of bug that'll lay a minion out just like it'll…


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It's Getting Chilly (Keep 'em Coming for the Expo!)

I know you're probably all stuffed with various harvest holiday fare, but let us think of those who cannot partake. Let us warm our hearts for...the machines. There's still time to put together your Exhibition entries for November's topic for the Exhibition. Don't be shy!

November: Welcome To The Machine - Of course, no great run of prosperity comes without the work that

makes it happen, and to the Diesel era, that meant… Continue

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October Exhibition: The Big City Is Here!

October's collection of art and fiction is up now at the Athena Exhibition forum. Go give it the hairy eyeball, already!

Our theme was "The Big City." An icon of Dieselpunk, the big city is where it's at. Where the happenings...happen.

And now that we've whetted your appetite for Diesel art and fiction and media...crack those knuckles and start thinking about November. In November,… Continue

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October Athena Exhibition: The Big City

Whether it's The Big Easy or My Kinda Town, the Big City is one of those elements close to the heart of Dieselpunk. So share with us your vision of the Big City in the Dieselpunk-topia!

How the Exhibition Works

Each Expo features a specific theme related to the Dieselpunk ethos and aesthetic. Create your masterworks of art, fiction, nonfiction, photography or other media (we welcome music, film, cosplay, video--anything you can… Continue

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Fall at the Athena Exhibition

Fall is finally making an appearance here in the Dieselpunk-topia, and

while some of us are still smoldering from the crushing heat wave,

there's a cool breeze fanning our sails and inspiring us to create once

again with the assurance that whatever we build won't immediately melt.

The Athena Exhibition has been nicely received for its first test

flights. We (my robot minions and I) are still shaking her down and

tweaking her mechanicals, but she's ready...now… Continue

Added by Athenaprime on September 15, 2010 at 3:00pm — 3 Comments

The Future is Here!

The second Great Exposition of Authors and Artists has opened its doors to bring you...THE FUTURE!

So don your artistic finery and motor on over to the Athena Exhibition forum and see what we have in store. We've got media, fiction, and illustrated fiction for your enjoyment this month.

As always, a huge thank you to our contributors, and a grand…

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The Future Is Coming! Be a Part of It!

Ladies and Gents, there's still time to get your riffs jumpin' for the second Athena Exhibition. Show us what the FUTURE holds with a Dieselpunk swing to it. Get the scoop here. Don't wait 'til tomorrow to show us *your* tomorrow!

How it works:
Between now and 31 July, use your best means of expression to exhibit your Dieselpunk concept of this month's theme. Entries can be…

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Athena Exhibition: July is for Setting the World on Fire

It's that time again, pals and gals! Our first Exhibition of Authors and Artists was quite the success--we had a wonderful exhibition of talent from the community centering around Travel and its wonders in the Dieselpunk era-that-never-was.I liked it so much, I thought we should do it again. And I'm casting my net further afield for subjects--all the way into....THE FUTURE. (With a hat-tip to Wesley R. Mortega for providing the original idea upon which I…

Added by Athenaprime on July 5, 2010 at 8:31am — 3 Comments

Making a Dieselpunk World

I'm crafting an alternate history to support a story I'm writing. When I sat down to play "what if?" I chose the approach of listing the aspects of dieselpunk (and steampunk) that I most liked and the sensibilities ascribed to them. Then I went about trying to craft justification for them (ie, why did the alterna-tech not come into the forefront in the main timestream, and what could change to make it so?). I don't know if this is the wisest way to create a logical existence for alternative… Continue

Added by Athenaprime on March 15, 2010 at 10:43am — 4 Comments

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