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Interview on my modelling art

Several times, I published Dieselpunk-related pictures of my special kind of modelling art. Under the German title 'Virtuelle Eisenbahnwelten' (virtual railway worlds), the online campus magazine of TU Braunschweig, which is the University of Technology at Braunschweig, Germany, published an interview on my art activities. The text is in German but can be easily translated online using the Google translation tool:…


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Dystopian Dieselpunk Art

Russia is one of the countries outside the West where dieselpunk is extremely popular. However, a typical feature of Russian dieselpunk is a dystopian point of view. There are entire websites featuring dystopian and post-apocalyptic dieselpunk art. One of them is http://www.deadland.ru with the title "Мир после конца света" (The world after the end of light). If you like dystopian dieselpunk art, you should definitely visit this site even…


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Totalitarian Art 2013

In Germany, a few weeks ahead of the election of the Federal Parliament, streets have started to fill with election posters of the political parties. As usual, the communists of the MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany) provide their 1930s style totalitarian art. The poster below, I photographed today on the street next to my office. It shows the front end of a Soviet type steam locomotive (maybe an IS-20) and the Karl Marx slogan "Revolutions are locomotives of history."



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Diesel City advertising

One of my hobbies is making model railroad dioramas in TT scale (1:120) following European and North American prototypes. I've just finished a small diorama for public display on the modell-hobby-spiel fair in Leipzig, Germany, on 3rd-6th October 2013. It shows a fictitious North American urban scene that looks like a NYC neighborhood in the 1950s. The subject is a closed firehouse beside a rail…

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American swing records made in the Soviet Union

In the 1980s, I bought several records with American swing music of the 1930s/1940s in Moscow. At the time, it was almost impossible to buy Western rock music in the Soviet Union. However, American big band jazz from the 1930s/1940s was not only tolerated by the government but actively promoted. This might be because that this music comes from the era before the Cold War, when the USA and the USSR still were comrades in arms in WWII. The Soviet label Melodia…

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