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1952 Westinghouse Refrigerator Radio

I was on Etsy looking for something for a friend and I ran across this 1952 Westinghouse Little Gem or Refrigerator radio.

It was labeled "Little Gem" by Westinghouse, but because it looked like a little refrigerator the "refrigerator" name stuck. Personally I think it looks like a fancy, retro, napkin dispenser.

This is one I got on ebay for about $50, the one on Etsy.com is currently selling for $350. Sure there is about a 700% difference in price however mine doesn't work... but who cares?, it looks cool.

I know this is a product of 1952 so technically that takes it out of the dieselpunk era, but it's called dieselPUNK not dieselCONFORMIST. In spite of it's year of manufacturer it still looks pretty deco and streamlined.

The back is just as attractive as the front.

Nice vents in the top.


There is a handle that folds up from the back.




I have more image in my flickr gallery if you want to check them out:



Thanks, and hope you enjoy.

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Comment by Deb Fisher on August 16, 2011 at 7:29pm
Comment by Tome Wilson on August 13, 2011 at 10:00am

That's so cute!

I wonder if you can get it working again, or at least take out the tubes and replace the speaker to make it an MP3 dock.

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