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An introduction to Seraph City, a Dieselpunk corner of Second Life...

The Empire Jazz Club, my main venue in Seraph City

For those who may not know of me, please do allow for a brief introduction. I'm Rafael Fabre, and I've been involved with the Second Life (SL) platform for a couple of years. My widest notoriety comes from the Steampunk blog I pen, the Steampunk Tribune, but the genre has been enduring growing pains in the virtual world, akin but different to the "real world" (RL) Steampunk conflicts with the migration of new people who are "discovering" the Steampunk genre and those who have been involved with it for a while. One of the offshoots of this growth and contraction of the SL Steampunk evolution was the development of a nascent Dieselpunk scene in SL.

The Tarnacki Emporium - the Streamline Moderne I'm currently working on

In early 2010, two Dieselpunk sims laned in SL, Seraph City and Sapphire City. Though Sapphire City had some outstanding genre builds (many of them had strong Streamline Moderne influences - a style I personally prefer), I believe that the economic challenges of Second Life contributed to and eventually led to the shuttering of Sapphire City (though this is simply speculation, as I haven't spoken with Mr. Sprocket regarding the subject).

An Art Deco store (titled "DECO") in Sapphire City

A very nice Streamline Moderne store from Sapphire City

As such, Seraph City is perhaps one of the few dedicated Dieselpunk/Pulp/Jazz era sims remaining in Second Life, and is the one that I currently "reside' in. Its is also the location of some very nice genre construction, though less Streamline Modern, and more traditional Art Deco (e.g. - less "flowing lines" and more "geometrical shapes"). There are some "mainland" areas of SL with Art Deco influences, and the network of historical French sims have excellent representations of Art Deco work as well, but with a bit of luck, Dieselpunk will be able to carve out a niche in Second Life as it is currently doing in Real Life.

The Java Jive - one of Seraph City's coffee shops on the edge of town

I'll endeavor to post more as things develop in SL Dieselpunk scene - because there is always more than one simple story on the grid...

(alright, that was my bad "noir-ish" lead off on the article... I'll have to work on that).

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Comment by Shaunathan Sprocket on August 29, 2011 at 8:40pm

So I'm just about a year late to the conversation.  My apologies guys and dolls.  However I can say Sapphire's downfall was three fold:


1. Economic circumstances Mr Fabre eluded to.

2. The fact that two sims with the same theme happened to pop up at the same time.  I was coming back from a long break from Second Life and so many people who used to be residents in a former sim I owned had already signed up with Seraph City.


3. If not for number 3, number 2 would have been no big thing.  We did an awful lot of research into how many Dieselpunks we thought Existed in Second Life.  At the time of Sapphire's creation, there was probably about 5 sims worth of content which could be considered Dieselpunk.  It was of many different variations on quality, but they all had small little communities.  People who already felt they belonged to something.  


With Steampunk, many people flocked to it in second life because something they've loved their whole lives finally had a name.  With Dieselpunk, these things people had already had names.  They called it Noir, or Pulp, or Swing.  They seemed a little confused as to why a new name was needed, and what calling it by this new name brought to the table.


These days I don't know how well Seraph City is doing, however if there's going to be growth for Dieselpunk in SL, I think the genre needs to be built and defined there, before there's a market for a new sim of it.  

Comment by Rafael Fabre on November 9, 2010 at 11:03am
Thank you, madam - please feel free to enjoy the locale as long as you'd like.
Comment by Tina Terrelonge on November 9, 2010 at 9:19am
Hello there, Rafael. 'T'is a shame that Sapphire City is no more, since I prefer Streamline Modern as well, but I made a Second Life just to explore Seraph City. Well worth the registration. I can chill in the Empire Club all day . . .
Comment by Rafael Fabre on October 24, 2010 at 10:37pm
My thanks, gentlemen!
Comment by lord_k on October 24, 2010 at 5:32pm
Keep up the good work - both in the Seraph City and at the Steampunk Tribune desk.
Comment by Larry on October 24, 2010 at 2:41pm
Welcome, Rafael.

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