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Cap'n's Cabaret #15: A Christmas Clipper Cabaret!! (Double Cocktails!)

'Twas a high flyin' Christmas and up in the sky,

A sleek Pan Am Clipper is roaring on by!

An Empire C-class is boarding up at the quay,

And Saint Nick's got a ticket, 'cause that sleigh is passe!


This is your Cap'n speaking. Ahoy and all aboard for a special non-stop cabaret express flight across the Pond, ladies and gentlemen!  Yes, tonight we celebrate the holidays in style and luxury on a Transatlantic overnight flight aboard the fabulous Pan American Yankee Clipper in luxury matched in the air only by Imperial Airways and Air France...at least now that those Nazi gas bags proved a little too volatile at Lakehurst. 

We're here at Foynes, Ireland, the new aviation crossroads of the North Atlantic, waiting to board a sleek silver angel the size of a whale: the Boeing B314.  The good folks at Pan Am are preping her as we speak for our journey.  But first, I'll bet you could use something to take the wet Irish winter's chill out'a your bones, lads and lasses.  And what could be better than a Foynes original, Chef Joe Sheridan's famous Irish Coffee?  First invented for chilly Clipper passengers such as yourselves, the Irish Coffee is a legend unto itself:

Irish Coffee:

 - 2 oz Irish Whiskey

 - 8-10 oz Coffee

 - 1 tsp brown sugar

 - 1 TBSP cream, lightly whipped

Preheat heat-resistant glass and spoon with hot water.  Empty and dry glass.  Add brown sugar and whiskey, followed by coffee to within 2 cm (slightly less than 1/2 in) of top of glass, stirring until sugar is disolved.  Add whipped cream to top - do not stir in cream, but allow to float, drinking cocktail through the cream layer.

We're cleared for takeoff now...the river is clear ahead...full throttle, listen to those engines roar...and here we go! 

The Yankee Clipper is airborne once again!  Silver bells, step aside: this is a Silver Angel for your tree!  Step aboard and take your seat, folks. The luxurious benches you are settling into will be folded into sleeping berths for your overnight comfort, and join us in the lounge for a fabulous dinner on linen tablecloths.  Just like on a cruise ship, folks!  No way any airline worth it's salt would expect passengers to cram into tiny seats for a 12 hour flight, no sir!  And for tonight's music an Irish original, the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald (what? What do you mean? She has an Irish name...). Anyway, without further ado, here she is, folks!


Beautiful, right folks? Sets even the staunchest Scrooge into the Christmas spirit.  And speaking of Spirits, our In Flight Cocktail is the signature Pan Am Clipper Cocktail:

Clipper Cocktail:

 - 1.5 oz Rum (light or gold)

 - 0.5 oz dry Vermouth

 - 1/2 tsp Grenadine

Shake all over ice.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with lime peel for a lovely Christmas red-and-green...or Irish orange-and-green, if you're into the Foynes spirit!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chaunnukah, Delightful Eid, Blessed Saturnalia, Happy Hogswatch, or whatever event you choose to take joy in this holiday season!

Cap'n Tony...

[Flying boat and Irish Coffee Images and recipie taken from www.flyingboatmuseum.com/ and Clipper Cocktail recipie from www.flyingclippers.com which are both wonderful sites to visit for aviation buffs. The first site is the official site of the Foynes Flying Boat Museum, which features a full-scale model of a Pan Am B314 clipper with accurate period interior! The Cap'n wants to go there for Christmas!]

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