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Cap'n's Cabaret #27: Hooptylau in the Hills! Frisco goes Polynesian.

Hula hula Hooptylau and Tiki Time on the Trolley!  There are strange tropical rumblings in San Fransisco today as we celebrate a slice of quasi-Polynesian culture in the City by the Bay! 

Overproof Libations...the real San Fransisco Treat!


Today we're partying with the stars at the world famous "Don the Beachcomer's" bar.  With its signatue drinks and South Pacific inspired decor, this place is kitch personified, and a nice tropical repreive from the dificult financial and political situation.

 The signature drinks and Pacific flavor have drawn the biggest names here.  Look around and you'll see Joan Crawford (whoa Mama!) and Marline Dietrich (hubba hubba!).  And who's that man whose assistant is carefully cleaning a stool for? Why aviation legend Howard Hughes!

And we're all here for Don's world famous "maximum two per customer" secret recipie, the aptly named Zombie!  Ray is mixing them up for you as we speak.  Careful there, Mack: these are like baseball, three and you're out!

Don's is growing in fame, and he's even attracting competition from a guy named "Trader" Vic Bergeron, who's opening a "Tiki" bar of his own.  Vic's story, of losing his leg to a shark, is a strong seller, but Don was the first!  My agent, Mr. Ben Siegel, thinks this place is the Bee's Knees, as does his friend Monte Prosser, whom seems to be some business associate (Ben calls him a "real good fella").  Monte is really interested in the place and asking a lot of questions.  Maybe there's a franchise deal in the works? I'm sure he and Don will become good friends shortly.  Of course we're not here to choose favorites, just here for drinks, atmosphere, and some intoxicating crooner swing from local Frisco boy Tom Coakley.  One of the original Crooners, he's as smooth and intoxicating as Don's Zombies:  



Lucky Fellow Indeed!


And now, our cocktail.  Take it easy on these, folks, and no driving afterwards!  That goes for you too, Mr. Hughes!


Zombie Cocktail

1 measure white rum
measure light rum
measure dark rum
measure apricot brandy
measure pineapple juice
measure papaya juice
½ measure 151-proof rum

Dash of grenadine

Shake all but the 151 over ice, poor mix with ice into a highball glass (or collectable tiki mug!), then  float 151 over the top.   Maximum Two per Customer! Get blitzed responsibly.


Happy Hooptylau 2012, everyone!!

Image of Don the Beachcomber's and a whole load of good Tiki history, including the secret black comedy in jokes behind Monte and Howard Hughes, taken from scandalpark.com.

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