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Cap'n's Cabaret #6: Nowheresville, Nevada

Hot, dry, and stranded here at the Cabaret today. Our trip out west to California has been delayed, seeing as we're broken down in a little one-horse nowhere town in the Nevada desert called Las Vegas. It's a small little Hillbilly town with pretentions of glamor, a small dirty strip of seedy casinos full of tired dancing girls and rotgut whisky, like some remnant of the Old West. Now this fellow out of New York named Benjamin Siegel says there's real hope for this place, claiming he'll make it the next Atlantic City, but color me dubious. Though in happier news, he does say he'll make us an appointment with a friend in Hollywood. Talk about a lucky break! Making friends with a businessman of his caliber is sure to pay off, regardless of how short the man's temper is (he nearly went insane when someone called him "Bugsy").


File:Gas station Last Frontier hotel.jpg


Tonight's entertainment is, I'm afraid, little more than bad country cover bands, the current one covering Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys. While we can't say much for the boys here, Roy Acuff is a man who has helped move country music out of the doldrums of string bands and hoedowns into something new and exciting, incorporating mountain sounds and Negro Blues elements into something soulful and real. A big name at the Grand Ol' Oprey in Nashville, he's actually seeing some mass market appeal, selling records across the nation...enough to catch the attention of the local players here in Nowheresville, Nevada, at least. I have a feeling he'll influence a whole generation o f musicians with names like "Hank", "Roy", and "Patsy", no doubt. His song "Wreck on the Highway", melancholy and moving, seems highly appropriate, right now.


As for drinks, it's all rotgut here, but thanks to the miracle of some local lemon trees and syrup we'll be enjoying the famous Whisky Sour, a tangy, refreshing old classic that really beats the heat:

Whisky Sour

* 3 parts Whisky (Bourbon, Rye, or other)

* 2 parts fresh lemon juice

* 1 part Simple Syrup

* Dash of Egg White (optional - makes it a "Boston" Sour)


Shake all ingredients over ice, strain over rocks in an Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with lemon wheel and/or maraschino cherry.

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