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Cap'n's Cabaret #88: No Gin?!? Oh, the Humanity!!

 Zeppelin Airships...the only way to fly!  With their exquisite comfort, perfectly smooth ride, graceful beauty, and impressive safety record, it seems obvious the days of the passenger airplane are numbered!

 And no airship can match the glorious LZ-129 Hindenburg, whose sleek, sublime form (only slightly marred by the ugly Nazi logo that new rat-faced Chancellor has forced upon her tails) is currently gracing the skyline of New York City [image from theatlantic.com].  And today, May the 6th, the Cabaret is broadcasting live, yes, live, from inside the Hindenburg herself! 

And it is the a beautiful, haunting view of New York City below, currently framed by whisps of cloud from the passing rain.  And I can attest to how amazing it is to see her airborne from below.  Right now I imagine some young boy in the city below is spellbound looking up at us.  The flight over was just as glamorous, comfortable, and awe-inspiring as you've been lead to beleive.  The food was inspired, the service impecable, and the ride as smooth as silk without the shake and noise of an airplane.  Two passengers even made a bet that a pen set on end would stay up the entire flight if left undisturbed (so far, it has!).

You can count the Cap'n a Zep Man, folks!

And today, in celebration, we will play an old song that gained some new found familiarity when it appeared in a Fleisher cartoon a few years back, Come Take a Ride in my Airship!  You knw the words, folks...sing along!



 And as for cocktails, we are having an interesting drink of desperation developed by the lovely Pauline Charteris, wife of The Saint creator Leslie Charteris, when disater struck over the Atlantic: it was discovered that the gin was out!  Her new cocktail, an interesting Kirsh-based martini substitute, has gained a notoriety all its own:


Pauline Charteris' Hindenburg Cocktail:

[image from airships.net]

  • 3 oz Kirsh (aka Kirshwasser)
  • A bit less than 1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
  • Splash of Grenadine

Shake lightly over ice, strain into cocktail glass.  Garnish with Lemon Peel (outer peel only; no pith!).


Refreshingly unique, yes?  It won't be replacing the Martini any time soon, but hey, when on the Hindenburg...

And speaking of the Hindenburg, here we go, folks!  We're right now hovering over the wet field at Lakehurst, lines dangling, just waiting for the groundsmen to reel us in and bring us down to earth.  It's been a heavenly trip, folks, but it'll be nice to be back on earth.

Before we go, I must take the time to salute our engineering team who set up our broadcasting equipment.  Quite a clever feat using the rigid hull itself for the antenna and stashing the transmitting equipment in hidden little nooks.  You see, the crew doesn't know we're broadcasting.  It seems our liberal views on race and religion are none too popular with the new administration in Berlin, so we've had to broadcast in secret.  But don't worry, folks, they'll never find the equipment.  I myself stashed the big, noisy tube-studded power supply in the last place anyone will look: safely ensconced within one of the big gas bags! 

What's that, Joe?  No, don't worry, buddy.  This airship is using safe Hydrogen, not that explosive Helium stuff.

What do you mean Hydrogen is the flamable stuff?  No, I'm fairly sure it's Helium that burns.

Are you sure about that, Joe?

Oh shi... 



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