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A few days ago I came across a great set of Diesel Era graphic art from China.

I use to share a good thing when I see one. Probably some of you may have seen it already - it was published on a very popular 50 watts website. The pictures are from the book Chinese Graphic Design in the Twentieth Century by Scott Minick and Jiao Ping. "About half of this 160-page book is devoted to the 1920s and 30s, when the ideas of writer and artist Lu Xun were very influential, particularly on the young design professionals involved with the May Fourth Movement, " writes Will Schofield. "My favorite factoid in the book: Lu Xun—who introduced modern woodblock techniques to China—loved the German Expressionists and Käthe Kollwitz in particular. The authors point out that though Lu Xun taught many Western techniques, he always encouraged designers to seek inspiration in Chinese design history. "

I can add that some covers and adds are obviously influenced not only by the Expressionists but also by Dada, Italian Futurism and Soviet Avant-Garde. Let's take a look:

China Sketch, December 1936
"The End of Science" (back cover)
Illustrator: Zhong-xin

Ten Years of the Shenshi Telegraphic Dispatch Agency, c. 1930
Designer: Qian Jun-tao

A Great Love, 1930
Designer: Qian Jun-tao

Modern Student, June 1931
Designer: Chen Zhi-fo

Book cover, 1936
Designer: Zheng Ren-ze

Art Deco-style ad, c. 1930s

Creation Monthly, 1928

Ahead of the Times, January 1931
Designer: Qian Jun-tao

Science and Engineering Magazine, 1935
Designer: Hong Qing

Military Magazine, April 1937

Literature, October 1933
Designer: Chen Zhi-fo

The Ark, February 1935

And, as a bonus - a great luggage label from another source:


Via Art of the Luggage Label, on Flickr

Visit Shanghai Expression @ 50 watts to see more!

Headline picture: China Sketch, December 1936
Designer: Tian Wu-zai

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Comment by Lejon Astray on September 16, 2012 at 10:12pm

It is nice to see a China take on Art Deco/Industrial design.

Comment by Komissar Hass on September 13, 2012 at 3:39am

Very impressive collection!

As I used to learn Chinese, I'm astonished by the character "fonts".

Comment by Tome Wilson on September 12, 2012 at 10:17am

Excellent find.  Graphic arts from China have always been a big gap in my education, so I appreciate this immensely.

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