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Chrome Noir: Present by The Black List Table Reads

I just finished listening to an episode of The Black List Table Reads, a podcast that takes the greatest screenplays that have failed to make it to the silver screen and presents them in as a radio show. The episode I listened to is right up a diesel punk's heart; it features crooked cops, German directors, a helpless P.I., robots, Art Deco, and maybe a femme fatale (you'll have to listen to the whole thing to find out.) Here's the website's summary of Chrome Noir:

Welcome back to The Black List Table Reads, hosted by Franklin Leonard. Today we start something new and special. We asked YOU, the listeners to choose the next script to get the Black List Table Reads treatment and the winner is Kent Tessman’s Chrome Noir. Men in hats. Tommy guns. Robots. A film noir detective story that will have you riveted. Bringing the world of Chrome Noir to life is Colin Hanks, Zachary Levi, Rob Morrow, Katie Lowes, Billy Burke, Stephanie Drake, Matt Bohrer, Ben Schrader, Andrea Anders, and Cooper Thornton.

Don't be a wurp and check it out!

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