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I guess I may have been a little too ambitious about this very conceptual picture. Anyway, uneasy as it is to express visually, at least in just one frame, this concept of "reality that doesn't exist" is an all time very dear one to my own schizophrenic self. Non-existing reality... fabricated reality... not quite like in The Matrix which, in spite of his commercial success, totally missed the point, in my opinion ; but much more like in the underrated Dieselpunk masterpiece Dark City. Or like in Silent Empire. See the Silent Empire album next time you'll need a good headache.

OK, after being too ambitious, I'm now too presumptuous, comparing my stuff to Proyas'.

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Comment by Larry on May 27, 2010 at 9:46pm
Interesting concept. Maybe if it didn't have the Universal Illusion logo at the topic or the other at the bottom.

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