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Dieselpunk: Retro Futures of the All-American Art Deco Years

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Dieselpunk: Retro Futures of the All-American Art Deco Years

General Editor: Stefan with Tome Wilson and Antoni Cadafalch

Dieselpunk book cover"Dieselpunk: Retro Futures of the All-American Art Deco Years" is the first book covering the best artists and fashion designers of the movement. Presented in a stunning illustrated volume edited by the world-renowned dieselpunk artist, Stefan. Includes an extensive introduction, a fascinating section on the aesthetic sources of dieselpunk, a detailed fashion section, and a long-form interview with Dieselpunks creator, Tome Wilson.

This was the era of Detroit, jazz, big band and swing; of aluminium and of glamorous transatlantic travel; of Hollywood stars, prohibition, radio, skyscrapers, outrageously glamorous cars and of serious talk of going to the moon.

More than anything this was the American era, when US power was unchallenged, industrially, militarily and culturally, and when the future too was all-American. It is perhaps nostalgia for the latter that is accounting for Dieselpunk's growing attraction. The contemporary Dieselpunk artists within this book have created some astoundingly memorable images. For graphic designers, this book is a gold-mine. For anyone into classic US interwar style or sci-fi enthusiasts, it is almost irresistible.

Hardback [260 mm (h) x 212 mm (w)]
176 pages, including 200+ color illustrations and a foil-embossed cover by Stefan.
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Comment by Tome Wilson on December 19, 2014 at 9:54am

You won't be disappointed, Mark.  It's a beautiful book with excellent full-page spreads on really thick art stock.  

Plus, it's a lot wordier than I initially expected.  Not only does it contain a ton of art, it also has a bunch of in-depth chapters directed at people who are new to the style.

Comment by Mark Anthony Henderson on December 18, 2014 at 9:48pm

Looks like I have some shopping to do.

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