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In the United States, first high-speed lightweight trains were obviously inspired by the German Flying Hamburger. But from the very start they had their own distinctive style. Two of them together at the 1934 Century of Progress Fair in Chicago:

On the right we see an articulated train built by Budd for the Burlington railroad. It was powered by Winton V-8 diesel engine:

Burlington Zephyr was its name
Later it was renamed Pioneer Zephyr:

Two more from Budd:

Boston & Maine Flying Yankee

Gulf Coast & Ohio Rebel

Another diesel-electric fast train:

New York, New Haven & Hartford Comet, built by Goodyear-Zeppelin

Now, Zephyr's neighbor (from the first picture) and rival, the Pullman-Standard wondertrain powered by 600 HP Winton petrol engine:

Union Pacific М-10000 City of Salina

A trio of Union Pacific fast trains

Illinois Central Green Diamond - a Pullman-Standard variation on the 'M' theme

Santa Fe Railroad Super Chief express with two ATSF 1 diesel-electric locomotives

and 1940s Budd high-speed diesel unit:

Rio Grande Railroad Prospector

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