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Eva and yours truly finally present: Strangers' Journey.

Strangers' Journey 2

You don't need to guess twice: it's a book, written in Russian, and the artist behind this cover art is Stefan. Actually, he created two covers, the other one even more beautiful - when you see it full-size. Alas, we have to obey the digital world rules, and what could be a great paper book cover doesn't always hit the point as a thumbnail. Nevertheless, it is included in the body of the book and will be used for the upcoming two-volume edition.

Strangers' JourneyThe book, available on Smashwords and Amazon, is a novel set in two worlds: the one we live in, and the other is different from everything we know. To understand the basics of this world, you may like to read Eva's short entries (Arrested Development Factor, More on the Strangers, and Towers of Horror). And if you have some more spare time, please proceed to our blog to read a few excerpts in English.

The language, damn it. It's awkward to talk about a book most of you are unable to read. We spent five years writing, researching, arguing, editing and cutting, - with much appreciated support of some community members - and today, you have to take our word for granted. It's hard to explain what the book is about or to define its genre in a couple of words. It's alternative history, OK. It contains a rather substantial element of science fiction. It's a travel book, its heroes earning bonus miles wandering between capitals and small towns, continents and worlds. What started as a love story in a quiet Central European country, ends up as a suicidal journey. Well, almost suicidal. First and foremost, it's a book about love.

For our Russian-speaking friends, I'll add a few words. Мы хотели написать книгу, которая стала бы своего рода альтернативой современной альтернативной истории. Получилось это у нас или нет - судить вам, читателям. (Our intention was to write a book which can present an alternative to the modern alternative history. Only the readers can tell if we succeeded).

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Comment by Cap'n Tony on October 1, 2012 at 3:23pm

Congrats on your book! Sounds interesting and I love the art, but alas I can't read it. :(  Any plans for an english translation?

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