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Killer Serials - Dick Tracy Detective (1945)

On Killer Serials, we showcase the episodic adventure films that were popular in the days before television.  Serials were typically short (20 minutes was average), about 10 - 15 chapters long, packed with as much action as possible, and almost always had a cliffhanger ending so the audience would return for the next installment.

This week, we're showing the diesel era's most famous private detective, Dick Tracy.  Based on the comic strip by Chester Gould, this 1945 version of the yellow-clad gumshoe was played by Morgan Conway, and also starred Anne Jeffreys and Mike Mazurki.  In it, Dick is faced with a series of brutal murders in which the victims, all from different social and economic backgrounds, are viciously slashed to pieces. Suspects abound but Tracy, getting a clue that there will be fifteen murders in all, must find the common thread among the victims before more are killed..  Can Dick find the murderer in time?  Watch and find out!

Image by Blake Packard

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